You can download the Vista 64bit driver here: The cards are constructed with an optimised PCB design and layout which guarantees the stability of the card. New 23 Dec 3. Also of interest is the note on getting sound to work with a bttv device: My Computer You need to have JavaScript enabled so that you can use this Screen video capture for windows 10 in Software and Apps. Run it in compatibility mode for Vista.

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What would be most wonderful is if cqpture could update this open source bt capture driver. A second card can be added to make a 16 channel Zoneminder machine if required. The unused audio one shows no errors. Basic 4 Channel Zoneminder Compatable Card: This page has been accessedtimes.

Also of interest is the note on getting sound to work with a bttv device: Got a link to the actual driver download, instead of Driver Dr? The time now is Some of the cards that work with these drivers.

Drivers are supplied on a CD along with instruction and description documents in PDF format and even information on how to get these cards to operate with Zoneminder on Linux.

All our Zoneminder capture cards have been tested with Zoneminder and are supported in the Zoneminder forums.

Never did get it to work in 10 so I put together a different PC with 7 and found some drivers, not from Leadtek, that work, but make the tuner appear to be cafd some other non-US region. Need an Expander for your 4 ch FPS card?


The drivers can be used on 32 bit systems only and the latest version will also run on Windows 7 – 32 bit.

bt878 video capture in Win 10 x64?

If your looking for a budget card to start you off with Zoneminder then this is an ideal bt87 fully supported card and great value too. Video connection to the card is via BNC connectors fitted directly to the card. DriverMax did find and download and install a driver. You have one device the A with multiple inputs, of which only one at a time can be active.

New 26 Dec 4. This means that if you are. The cards are constructed with an optimised PCB design and layout which guarantees the stability of the card. Also included with the drivers are some of the original software and programs bundled with these cards, some of which will only run on older operating systems but can still be used to turn that old PC into a fully featured CCTV DVR system.

Professional Bt Pci Chip Video Capture Card With Skd – Buy Bt Pci Product on

Our Zoneminder range of capture cards are specially selected and approved for use with Zoneminder. I’m not sure they all use BT8xx chips. DScaler can access the input, despite the installed driver not working. These drivers include manual install drivers and automatically detected and installed drivers to help you identify which are best for your card.


New 23 Dec 3. This card uses one Connexant a chip per channel which allows much higher frame rates on all inputs.

IEI Ivce-8784-r10 PCIe 4 Channel 120fps CCTV Video Capture Card Conexant Bt878

In this case, don’t expect multiple input devices. Zoneminder capture cards are supplied with the configuration settings you need to enter into the Zoneminder software.

Dimensions – 18cm x 10cm. This page was last modified on 10 Septemberat To make connection of the cameras to the card easy the 8 channel card is supplied with a D to BNC fly lead. New 03 Jan 6. This is the card to choose if you want cxpture performance from your Zoneminder system and is a quality zoneminder approved card at a great price.

Make sure you post the findings of your investigations here and on the Linux-Media Mailing List so that bttv-cards.