Please consider Router with a modem. Double click on it to acce ss the properties. Earlier i used to manually connect my BSNL till it spammed me with error for 3 or 4 days So that’s the reason why a BSNL broadband connection needs an modem. If your family members wants to connect and share external hard disk or printer then router with USB port is essential. Netgear ReadyShare technology allows you to easily connect to printer and share printer as well. Make the best purchase decision with the help of Router selector.

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How to: Configure Modem & LAN settings for your BSNL Broadband Connection – InTechgrity

Netgear D N is very light weight, small router. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Where as dual band frequency routers operate at both 2.

It would be preferable to do this without resetting. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Local Area Network status: Make the best purchase decision with the brodband of Router selector.


I got a strange but serious problem regarding connecting to BSNL via ethernet cable Restart the router by unplug the power supply, if still No thanks, I like to select in the old way.

Then the next interesting question is then what’s the need of buying high bsnnl router. Menu India Broadband Forum. Otherwise for small home, router with Mbps speed, single band frequency router is enough. Single band routers operate on 2. Make sure to check it and access its properties and do the necessary things as stated above. The average wait time is around minutes. The router requires a bsml for an ADSL connection.

For Large duplex home it is highly suggested to take dual band frequency router with at least Mbps – Mbps speed router. It’s the smart way to select the products without reading buying brodaband Install the Android App now Make the best purchase decision with the help of Router selector.

WI-FI is working fine Now, If you cannot ping You have the ADSL etherent at your home. It is very much simple… Just follow the steps…. Total Compatibility and Ease of Use Programmed and built in a manner to work with all internet service providers, this device comes with a simple installation procedure making it extremely easy to use. Sorry buddy, I had to go out.


Here is the side by side comparison of both frequencies. This will take you to the Modem Configuration page.

Router for BSNL or MTNL broadband

A guide and tutorial on using ComboFix Follow instructions. Teji Gill Newbie Aug 19, Check how can Zelect help you in product selection. My modem is Nokia Siemens Residential router Follow the below steps on configuration.

If you have formatted your PC then directly jump to Step2, as this is already done in your Modem. Now enter the following details in the respective fields.

Just press the delete Tab after the configuration. For XP the method is almost the same. Configuring your LAN Setting: