And why do we need it even? Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. I have to solve this question by myself, finally I get the way. I have since then, abandoned this method because I no longer need it, for the following reasons: That requires some code design that controls start and stop selenium.

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I have the browser open like this:. I mean i don’t want to log in again to continue testingI don’t mind if it opens another window, in fact as you said it’s more reliable but not helpful if i have to log in again.

Then, I also created some methods to keep track of how many windows are open and make sure that the last window is never closed. browersessionreuse

You can achieve it by using same selenium instance in multiple test. Post as a guest Name. Using a static global webdriver object was bad programming practice.


Since the browser object we created got destroyed, we no more can control this browser using script. Now we have achieved something, but the question remains as to what do we do with it?

I have to solve this question by myself, finally I get the way. So far, the new Tcl driver appears to handle all commands just fine. Selenium detects this and relaunches FireFox, at which point you can just keep both running minimized, if you prefer and they will then happily perform as many test runs as you care to throw browsersessionnreuse them. Otherwise you may end up having to restart both Selenium and FireFox.


[selenium-users] Option -browserSessionReuse does not happen – Grokbase

Why and where to re-use the session? One of the simple way which i figured out recently is to make the webdriver as static under class and reuse the same webdriver in any other test case.

That requires some code design that controls start and stop selenium. Selenium Remote Control [ 2 ] is a test tool that allows you to write automated web application UI tests in any programming language against any HTTP website using any mainstream JavaScript-enabled browser.

Or you can use xml configuration to use some test cases as class level or test specific. In order to configure driver, you can set property driver. On first use, it’ll launch FireFox which you then need to Quit!

Selenium [ 1 ] is a test tool for web applications. And why do we need it even?

Re-using existing browser session in selenium ยท Tech Adventures by Tarun Lalwani

In one of our scraping project, we want to end our wbdriver and leave the browser idle. Try to recover and parse this. First you have to analyze the test cases, then you have to select which point can be the starting point for all or set of some test cases.


Funny, I was just reading about this this morning, and I think it will solve my browser windows problem. After ending any test case, it will go to base position and next testcase will start from the base. When the script re-runs it re-uses the bowsersessionreuse browser and continues the work.

You don’t need to create or quite driver object in your code. The RemoteWebDriver is too long.

Re-using existing browser session in selenium

srlenium Which can become an important factor when welenium sites with higher security against scraping. We create a new function which returns a dummy response on newSession with our sessionId.

Then, as my tests run, it reuses the windows. This mimics how a human would actually behave. Ok, I will give it a try thanks! Testing on Firefox browser We tested our previous approach on Chrome browser. While this mimics real world behavior better and results in a stricter separation of test framework and AUT, it requires a custom driver for different browser engines and thus may not be an option for every browser on every platform.