This mode is protocol-independent and all traffic should be load-balanced and fault-tolerant. Enables allowing an interrupt to occur after a specific amount of packets is received. The poll mode may increase driver performance in some environments. There is a Q Note that at least one side server or switch must be in LACP active mode for it to work. Statistical events are only available for the base adapters. This setting improves performance if some or all adapters in the team support hardware checksums.

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Deleting the receive buffers vroadcom from the load statement resets the receive buffers parameter to the default value of for this adapter. Go directly to Broadcom’s technical support website.

B57 / Q57 Lan Driver Problems – Aug. 1, 2004

Configuration Parameters for B For more information, see Viewing or Modifying Adapter Properties. These features are provided by creating teams virtual adapters that bgoadcom of multiple NIC interfaces.

LAN before the network drivers as outlined above. Be sure to load the NIC drivers with hardware checksums enabled. The actual number of receive buffers is a function of the number of ports in the system. When an adapter configuration is saved, the Ntware install program adds load and bind statements to the autoexec. You may also click on the appropriate logo to visit the company’s home page or technical support page. Otherwise, the adapter and switch may run in different duplex modes.


Certified LAN Drivers

For systems with PCI-X you must install driver version v2. Enables Jumbo frame support.

By accessing this file, you can verify the parameters configured for each adapter, modify them, or enter additional parameters. At least one side of each connection must be active otherwise the connection will never be selected for aggregation. Install the driver software in the Novell NetWare environment.

LAN loses communication – http: At least one side b557 each connection must be active otherwise the connection will never be selected for aggregation. Additional Command Line Keywords. LAN must be version 2. The snmpget and snmpgetnext commands can be used broadcomm receive the BASP snmp objects such as:.

Duplicate node address with B57 NIC – http: Notice that untagged Enables or disables the transmit and receive checksum offload feature. Go directly to VIA’s technical support website. Repeat steps 22 through 27 to nftware an additional physical driver and to configure additional frame types.


If there are multiple frame types loaded on the virtual and the physical adapters, it is necessary to bind only one frame type on the virtual adapter to the same frame type on the physical adapter.

NetWare Driver Software: Broadcom NetXtreme® 57XX User Guide

See our new home at NetIQ. Allows the addition of a subsystem ID of a specific adapter so that the driver loads only on the first adapter found with a matching subsystem ID. LAN 6. Note that if there are multiple VLANs each broadco, one or more frame types loaded on the virtual adapter, it is only necessary to bind one frame type on one VLAN on the virtual adapter to the same frame type on the physical adapter. Removing Drivers from Autoexec. Statistical events are nnetware available for the base adapters.

Installing NetWare Server 5. Go directly to 3Com’s technical support website.