Sep 13, 9. You have two emitter followers back to back. Although ground seems to be read at mV, so maybe the breadboard is just crappy. That’s why you should not drive with resistive pullup. The same works with opposite sign for the bottom transistor.

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bjt totem pole

The described measurements are the basement for designing the driver capable enough. Our text book is very good on the subject. Sign up using Facebook. Here’s a circuit and it’s basically what would be inside a driver IC.

The gate has a large capacitance and very high resistance so it will tend to stay at 10 volts. Q2 is hevily overdriven. They can only be ON when the gate is charging or discharging because Ibe is what toten them on. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. They have three leads, base, emitter, and collector. You have two emitter followers back to back.

Email Required, but never shown. Please, could you to supplement the question, adding a plot to Vb right side of R2? Since the transistor that is turning off will have one B-E drop negative bias applied to it when the mozfet starts to turn on. Lets put the supply part of this to bead for the time being, I know it needs changing but frankly thats not as important, right now, as getting the PWM gate drive to work on the mosvet FET.


By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. The solution is the AB-class amplifier.

Sep 4, Two very good points negating the importance of saturation for this specific configuration Vbe cannot exceed Vce if you assume they are fed from the same supply, and the capacitive load. I notice you keep mixing transistor terms. If we forget the 0. Your name or email address: Articles Totdm Articles Search resources.

BJT push-pull for a MOSFET – Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange

How wrong can you be with just the one head? It looks a bit funky. They also have polarities, a N channel and a P channel, but for technical reasons the N channel tends to work better.

It is worth reading and rereading. Would it be enough to have a V-rated zener?

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Sounds like you really want to do a discrete driver. I’ll ask SgtWookie to check in and suggest better.


It does the job with zero tuning and a having lower probablity to behave unthinkably during operation voltage transitions. I’m bht happy assuming 1 meter of wire is 1 microHenry inductance, because I can run some cautionary back-of-envelop computations and dodge major damage.

OK even less sense. Darlington Pairs have the gain of both transistors multiplied. Isnt the bias current always Base Emitter. That’s why you need active high drive.