The default values for the following items can be set with key operator mode. E-Mail Notification ConfigurationThis sets a function for notifying the machine status, errors, etc. I OutlineChapter 2 Before UseThis chapter explains the names of the buttons on the copier’s control panel and their functions, the contents of the LCD screen display, and the operations. To access the Reset page, follow these steps: This page displays the Protocol Information and the Network Information. The factory default is [ dpi]. Enter the address, login password,etc.

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If you register a body, the body can be used from the biznub body] screen. Buttons common to all setting screensWhen you touch [OK], the results of the operation are applied.

AppleTalk SetupSet the information required for using the machine in the AppleTalk network environment. If there are no scheduled jobs, the column is blank. For printservers on which NetWare is not a primary protocol, be sure to uncheck this box to disable NetWare.

The filename extension [. When you select the [AUTO] key, the scan size is automatically recognized by the copier. The default password for Web Utilities is “keyoperator password”To access the AppleTalk Configuration page, follow these steps: To ensure optimum printing performance, please store this manual in the space provided at the rear section of themachine for easy reference.


For detailed settings, refer to [Application Function Settings] Page Konica Minolta BK Finisher: Or point us to the URL where the manual is located. There are two methods of selecting a destinations: Zone NameThe zone in which the network interface card resides is displayed here. When you touch []or [], the screen display is switched. If an error message is displayed on the touch panel, refer to [ Scanner Initial SettingsReset data after jobThis sets whether or not to reset the settings after scanning data.

By touching [To Detail Search] key, detailed search using the four types of [Attribute] can be performed.

The printer functions are set by displaying the printer settings screen. IV Scanner Key Operator Administrators onlyThis section explains the contents of the scanner function settings that can be made withkey operator mode hizhub the copier.

Konica Minolta Bizhub 7222 Copier Printer With Super G3 Fax

By touching [Detail] key, the details of the selected transmission destinations can be checked. Scanner Initial SettingsFile Form defaultThis sets the default for the data storage format of scanning mode.


Inputting manually and selecting from the destinationsalready registered. The settings are made with the [Scanner mode basic] screen on the LCD screen.

Use the character keys to input the registration name. This screen may not be displayed, depending on which options are set for [4. Touch the [anonymous] key for logging onto an FTP server that does not require an account.

Index of /copierinfo/Black and white reg/Bizhub

To access the E-Mail Notification Configuration page, follow these steps: Index According to Item Operation Support InformationThis sets operation support information.

Tell us about it. Operate 77222 the [Scanner mode basic] screen on the LCD screen. For details on registering the body, refer to [ Do not change the portnumber without instructions from the network administrator.

Check with the system administrator for the address. Passwordinput cannot be omitted. User mail addressEnter the user ID with the ten-key on the control panel.