And now, I carve it at the table and sprinkle coarse, chunky sel gris all over the top of the chicken. I had lots of other things in my life but I took on jobs that were, leveraging more of my life experience. But the problem is that this is a simplification that does not serve you well. I have about salts from all over the world there. I jumped on a bus, took one to Seville for the day and flew to Tuscany and poked around there where I know a bunch of really fun food destinations and then took a train over to Ancona and then a ferry to Croatia, spent a week and a half in Croatia and then flew back. In the north of France. So the stuff in France is made by taking water from the ocean, which is about 3.

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I was uniquely passionate about something that no-one happened to know anything about. Each store is kind of its own personal place. I made it there by hook or by crook.

So once the store opened, we found ourselves to be connected to our neighborhood and connected to the culinary world and to the farmers and chefs in town, and that just grew. Salt I think, was one of my major life epiphanies. Was salt just common back then, was it much harder to …? How do you suggest people ease into this new way of using and understanding salt?


Can good food come from these?

Was it writing a book? I take a bite and realized that there was something going on with flavor that was blowing my mind. You put that on your steaks, your lamb, your roasts, your greens — any kind of coarse, heavy dish that wants some substantial salt to back it up.

What we want is salt to be really adding bittterman, adding pleasure to the bktterman. They want to go to a restaurant, they want to be served, they want gorgeous atmosphere, they want beautiful service and they want a cohesive restaurant dining experience.

Right At The Fork: #91 Mark Bitterman – The Meadow

You can also use it to clean cast iron. Cool tne, thank you so much Mark for taking time and talking to me today.

I opened up in Portland in and then in New York in and then we just opened up a new shop in north west Portland last year. And bring me a salt shaker too.

The Meadow

In the north of France. People are just wowed.

And what about salt? I think the best thing to do with it, if you live in a snowy place, is to put it on your driveway in winter. Believe it or not I am tne particularly skilled in this domain but I did design work for different people or writing work for different people and so to a large extent used my whits and the work was secondary to the experiential part of my life.


36. Mark Bitterman

I am kind of a condiment freak in general. And the reason is that salt is necessary to make flavor come out of vegetables. I think I have slightly bittermn ideas about cooking.

So can someone get away with having just one, all-purpose salt in their kitchen? Another example is salad dressing which, to me, is one of the most mis-executed dishes in cooking. In my childhood I would always take long hikes. The Meadow in Portland, Oregon. Do you consult with a lot of chefs, do you talk to a lot of chefs in your line of work?

Otherwise you could certainly get overwhelmed quickly by that.

Yeah I think that there are. Cocktail Cure-Alls and Miracle Elixirs: So using salt well is really important. In the bitrerman ofwe traveled back again to our roots and opened our third shop, located in the Nob Hill area of the historic Alphabet District in Portland, Oregon. So Venetian salt making technology found its way across the Mediterranean and some of the, by example, existing salt works in present day Sicily.