However, when connecting external microphone to the audio port, please use the Line In blue and Mic In Pink audio jack. Power on the AC. This selection will cause the system to turn off the vertical and horizontal synchronization ports and write blanks to the video buffer. All the brand and product names are trademarks of their respective companies. Fast gives faster performance; and slow gives more stable performance.

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Blank Screen This option only writes blanks to the video buffer.

Drivers for Biostar 945GC Micro 775 Motherboard

What is single core integer speed? You will be prompted with to enter a password. What is a CPU? A X mm. In this panel, you can get the real-time status information of your system. Enabled Virus protection is activated. The following figures are only for reference, the screen printed in this user manual will change according to your motherboard on hand.

NO defaultYES. This selection will cause the system to turn off the vertical and horizontal synchronization ports 945c write blanks to the video buffer.

Software Installation To install the software, micto click on the Software icon. This section covers some very technical items and it is strongly recommended that only experienced users should make any changes to the default settings. So, if the AGP driver of the VGA card does not support the initialization feature, the display may work abnormally or not function after S3. Normal A pin in the keyboard controller controls GateA Back up data and applications Hard disk can be read and applications files.


Auto default2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Video Off In Suspend This determines the manner in which the monitor is blanked. User Define Allows you to set each mode individually.

UserBenchmark: Biostar GC Micro Compatible Builds

The default settings that came with your system have been optimized and therefore should not be changed unless you are suspicious that the settings have been changed incorrectly.

Modes 0 to 4 will increase performance progressively.

Group Test Results Best user rated – 7755 sentiment trumps benchmarks for this comparison. Motherboard drivers are a kind of software, and therefore they are subject to all the same problems that affect the work of other kinds of programs.

Biostar 945GC MICRO 775 Setup Manual: Clear Cmos Procedures

Boot Display The Choices: Intel Graphics Accelerator Driver. Off defaultOn, Former-Sts. PC Health Status This submenu allows you to monitor the hardware of your system. Therefore, it is recommended that you search using the motherboard manufacturer name and model number of each motherboard.


Click on the Manual icon to browse for available manual. DVMT dynamically reponds to system requirements and applications demands, by allocating the proper amount of display, texturing and buffer memory after the operating system has booted.

Keyboard lights Using even pressure on both ends of are on, power indicator lights are lit, the DIMM, press down firmly until the and hard drive is spinning.

Avoid touching the components on motherboard or the rear side of the board unless necessary. If the testing fails, system will do a fail-safe rebooting. Load Optimized Defaults This selection allows you to reload the BIOS when the system is having problems particularly with the boot sequence.

Welcome to our freeware PC speed test tool. By SPD defaultManual.