BrandonG2 35 years old. Dale in Bakersfield 6 years ago. With results like these…. Hats in synagogues are required for men and forbidden for young unmarried women. After a man has walked 18 holes in humid, degree weather, would you rather see him with a hat on or looking like his hair had recently been attacked by a wet rodent?

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Well bubba won the masters and guest what like magic ping all of a sutton they were making pink drivers avail. While not as complex or as adjustable as other drivers, it fir help tweak the driver for a more accurate fit. Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers. The G20 felt very good and certainly had some pop to it.

Taylor Burner felt very heavy. Stewart 7 years ago.

In this case they basically nailed it. I was in need of a new driver and tested many drivers before going with the Ping G20, 9. Michael Little 6 years ago. The G25 inspires confidence just looking at it.


This makes no sense whatsoever. Men should also doff their chapeaus when in the company of women, even in non-public elevators, I suppose. You are so right about the psychology of an outlier.


Unfortunately golf season is over and will have to wait until April to try it. I was only given one shaft to hit.

I switched from the G15 to the Titleist D2 because I wanted a dead neutral face and the G15 set up slightly shut which was helping me on balls where I was late through the hitting zone but not helping when I got slightly ahead of it. The reason I wrote in this section about this is because the golfing public gets hoodwinked by clever advertising and over-hyped manufacturers who are hawking their goods for sales dollars.

Deciding on shaft for Ping G20 driver – WRX Club Techs – GolfWRX

By iacasNovember 19, in The Grill Room. I just changed the shaft to the “Tour Regular” as adviced by the Ping factory and I couldn’t be happier. Posted 29 September – You want performance, read on. I hadn’t played golf in over a month outside because of the extended shzft we’ve had in MN.

User Reviews John Disbury. That is probably the right thing to do. Jim E 7 years ago. F8 5 Wood Hybrids: You still gaming the LS?


Deciding on shaft for Ping G20 driver

How good does your driver look from the woods? Also tried the 3 wood and loved it also. You’ll notice immediately the offset hosel more on that in a minuteand at address, some acute golfers may notice the slightly flatter lie angle. This is achieved by a shallower crown and also visually by a lighter metallic silver finish.

We Tried It: Ping G20 Series

Today, the legacy of Karsten Solheim continues, with not only new putter and iron innovations, but also an equally dedicated approach to how the company develops new drivers, fairway woods and hybrid clubs. S Fybrid fy The shaft fitting pingg you optimum results right? I just wish I got the same results with the fairway wood….

Dale in Bakersfield 6 years ago.