Check back soon as we update this site often Strictly a modem, does not have the capability to dynamically assign an IP address to any hosts. This does not supply the user with a Static IP address. You can login using the WebUI and select the reset to default settings option in the restart section. You can use a pen and give it a gentle poke.

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[Internet] Bell Speedstream VS speedstream – Bell Canada | DSLReports Forums

Below you will find the most common questions we have been asked. The Default username for the SpeedStream is generally admin. I recently received from Bell a Speedstream to replace my Speedstream Modem emulators, that let you try out the modem interface on line, spdedstream be found in each of the specific modem sections.

You can use a pen and give it a gentle poke.

Video doorbell without WiFi? If you have lost your password, the only option you have is to perform a reset of the SpeedStream Sorry, we do not have any other related information at this time.

Setup and User Guide. To update the firmware you need to download the correct firmware and run the program. You should look at getting apeedstream an 8 port switch and a wireless AP access point.


For the standard generic firmware the IP address should be For the Speedstream the firmware is contained in it’s own program. Strictly a modem, does not have the capability to dynamically speedatream an IP address to any hosts. User must assign one manually.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

AnswersFaq Bookmark this Entry. You should look at getting yourself an 8 port switch and a wireless AP access point The SpeedStream Does have inbuilt wireless.

The cheapest and easiest way to add wireless to Speedstream is to add a 5 or 8 port Switch and Wireless Access Point. Over the 2400 18 months there have been literally thousands of questions asked about the SpeedStream — Most of those questions do share a common theme though.

If you are not performing and upgrade of the Firmware, it could also indicate a failure straight after the POST which is causing it to restart. HiVolt Premium Member Nov For the Optus firmware, there is no password.

Try to reset the Router using the manual method. Note that configuring this device on a computer with more than one Ethernet interface requires that you temporarily disable one of them, due to the ‘s lack of DHCP services. The modem manual details the process well in Section 3. You may need to upgrade the firmware though The original firmware only supported highspeed ADSL1 which is generally 8,kbps Download and kbps upload.


Windows7 and Bell Speedstream – Forums

After doing a bit of research it seems that I may be better speedstrdam using the speedstream and buying a router with wireless support to handle off my connections. Friend bragging about 10 year old car with really low mileag [ Automotive ] by IowaCowboy Rental car lied [ Automotive ] by Jan Janowski. Durkon Member Nov Privacy policy About Support Disclaimers. Notice I said “should”.

Siemens Speedstream 4200

A Wireless Access point AP will definately be needed as a minimum to satisfy your wireless requirements. There are three ways you can reset a SpeedStream The Generic firmware may or may not have a password depending on how it was originally provisioned. How do I login to the SpeedStream ?