Even though the hardware and software appears identical, we took these two models out “on the road” to test their performance and the claim that the Bel XR is “tuned for Australia”. Sign up for our newsletter today! You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The STi was quiet. Most radar detector enthusiasts will tell you if you are going to test radar detectors side by side, you need to do so with only one radar detector switched on at a time.

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The compliance sticker on the bottom of each radar detector shows no differences other than the serial number. Real World Test Conclusions: Four brightness levels are supported, including auto-dim and a full dark mode. Given the only state in Belttronics where RD’s are legal to own and operate employs 27 mobile Multanova speed cameras, one would expect the Bel XR “Australian version” to include a Ka-band selection rather than just Ka superwide bdl, since it is widely known the difficulty in detecting this speed cameras.

Beltronics STI

Click on image to enlarge. The XR began alerting, and the Driver alerted again a second later. The two radar detector models, the Bel STi Driver and Bel XR both come in an identical hard travel case, and include the exact same accessories.

For the final comparison between the two detectors, another Ka-band Speed Camera was chosen. Our price for this item is lower than the manufacturer’s “minimum advertised price. If a unit had been designed and modified for another country, it would be reasonable to expect a different FCC approval number.


Test Two – the positions of the detectors were swapped, so the the STi Driver was now on the left.

This model also supports the detection of “POP” mode radar. For this reason, there can often be be advanced warning. Police use RDDs to locate vehicles that are using radar detectors.

Fourth run second for the XR the STi XR alerted approx 24 seconds before passing the camera, but with two pauses in between. Beltronics really needs to offer this in their product.

In fact when Jeremy from Delonix Australia attended the Speed Measurement Labs’ annual radar ebl test in El Paso Texas back inthe temperatures were around 40 degrees every day! If you are a professional driver looking for serious performance and a truly invisible radar detector, this is the model for you.

The STi driver and the STi XR were reset to show the software version on each, as seen in the video to the left, and both models showed the same A4M9 software.

Beltronics STi-R Concealed Radar Detector

On returning in the opposite direction towards the K-band radar transmitter, the XR alerted 4 seconds prior to the STi Driver Looks like there may be some truth the the claim for improved K-band on the Australian model?

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. So why is there a huge difference in price between the US model and the AU beltronisc The STi XR was switched off as shown. The only parts of the Bel STi-R stealth installed radar detector that need to remain within reach of the driver are the small display and control modules, along with the external speaker.


If you order a Bel XR from any Australian seller on or off line you will see this exact label over the box seal.

Bel STi-R Radar Detector – Concealed / Stealth (STiR)

Perhaps they are referring to Australian’s driving on the other side of the road, maybe they flip the antenna over backwards no they don’t, that was a joke. Cordless Installed Motorcycle Windshield Mount. Sixth run same test as above, but from the opposite direction of the K-band radar transmission.

Fifth run, XR on left, Driver on the right. This shows how much environmental factors such as traffic, wind, perhaps even temperature can effect the range your detector gives on such low powered devices such as the Multanova 6F. You can beltdonics the speed camera hidden in ebltronics bushes between the bus stop and the orange pedestrian sign.

Description Additional Reviews Downloads Articles. These are just a few of the many features of the powerful Bel STi-R stealth installed radar detector.

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We also were given this “Australian temperatures and road conditions” story many years ago, but given the USA has a wider range of temperatures from snow to the Arizona desert than most Australian capital cities, we find it a hard statement to swallow.

Third run, the detectors were switched around so the Sti XR was now on the left.