I can’t speak for other iPod flavors. This is far better performance than I expected from such a small inexpensive device and more than enough for most any application. The headphone noise is pretty much identical to the Line Out noise above: I tried to do some faders and balance combinations in windows mixer, but it gave no any good result. You really can have your cake and eat it too sometimes.

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After using my computer for a random amount of time, the sound will be delayed from what is happening on my screen by half a second or so.

Traf March 4, at 1: I have a future article planned on audio interfaces. NwAvGuy November 4, at 8: Or maybe I’m missing some configuration step? The Behringer is neither. Plus both As played the passage cleanly through other speakers, across a range of listening levels. Glad you liked the article. If an amp was borderline unstable it’s possible certain loads and certain signals may push them over the edge into oscillating.

Problem with Behringer UCA | Headphone Reviews and Discussion –

You can’t harm your DAC using the wrong digital especially optical signal. Most of my music is Flac so it should be top music quality but im using a laptop and using the headphone jacks to power the headset. Switched to a big Crown power amp I had lying around, and the Polks sounded clean as a whistle through that passage.


Mackie, for example was was forced to move their manufacturing to Asia, update their products, and radically drop their prices to stay in the game. Also note the load is ohms, not the more typical 15 ohms I have used testing portable players.

Anonymous November 4, at 6: There’s no reference signal to use as the “input”–just a file full of bits on the PC.

Here the UCA struggles. So if you need line outputs, or want to use them asiio drive a headphone amp, the UCA might be a great deal. You might have your analog connections wrong or the volume turned all the way down on the UCA It’s essentially measuring the miniscule delay through the amp at different frequencies.

With most everything kca202 into a single chip, it makes the implementation harder to screw up.

Have you tried the NI audio 8 and the new one komplete audio 6. But that’s true of most anything you might buy to do the same thing. Anonymous August 15, at 2: I’m not looking to drive headphones and the analog out from this unit will go into the Marantz.


Problem with Behringer UCA202

Then have some volunteers stand behind the speakers and swap the cable plugs back and forth at the request of the card-carrying audiophiles doing the listening. There is some low frequency roll off into lower impedances. Now, to my question. Windows will normally only send audio to one device at a time from a given software application gehringer Windows Media Player. NwAvGuy June 11, at 1: One man’s “Detailed” is another man’s “Harsh!

Thanks for this review. I tried to do some faders and balance combinations in windows mixer, but it gave no any good result.

My Senn’s have 50 ohm output impedance, the same as the UCA, so that shouldn’t be an issue I suppose? I’m unsure now if the sound of my speakers got affected or damaged by that condition The optical output only works from content played on your PC.