You may read more about them in our Products page. For the several years of active and very fruitful work this company developed multitude of TV tuners and gained a very enviable reputation of stably reliable manufacturer, producing exceptionally high quality products. For reasonable price the user gets tablet… with high quality IPS display… Gadget consumes energy rather economically. In comparison with previous model it reveals not so quantitative as qualitative advance. Speed and time of work on battery will be sufficient for most modern users. For example, unique feature for the Beholder tuners is the ability to ajust the picture for each channel individually, change the signal level and noise reduction, and now is a common for standalone tuners interface, that facilitates the TV channels setup and further firmware update.

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Stereo TV and new scheduer “.

Indeed, more than a year developers from Beholder wrought the novelties. There is a backplate at the rear.

tb Insignificant restrictions concern video in HD quality and only over the network, and some hard games, exigent to top performance of 3D engine, built into CPU. Also for game-lovers, but in this case the future owner of this device should ensure the correct work of their favorite game titles before buying. You’ll not get it not trying it.

First certified Beholder production is offered by our trade partner from Bulgaria – Beholder Europe Ltd. Behold TV FM. It ideally suits for web-surfing, viewing video, talking in Skype and in social networks, reading books and even for popular games. Any other third-party products, brands or trademarks listed above are the sole property of their respective owner. There is no other way. You may download plugin from our Downloads page.


Be attentive when downloading. So this time besides main functions, that must have every rd PC TV tuner, developers presented to their customers new unique possibility to control antenna inputs, and also a set of other technical novelties bwhold will be discussed below. It was even capable, despite of efforts of local TV company, to catch three tf channels than I payed for.

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According to data of Yandex. Notice that this is not just new tuner but representative of a new series, that inevitably promises some cardinal innovations and differencies from previous series. If at first it was easy enough to compare Behold BeTAB andthen the more I tested both models, the more I understood that it is just impossible to choose “right” model.

To its indisputable advantages may be refered the price, presence of very useful additional functions, such as recording and view with timeshift, and also advantages implied by its principles: Digital TV is already presented in many regions of Russia and now hybrid TV tuners are the very things worth to buy. In comparison with previous model it reveals not so quantitative as qualitative advance. First Test of New Facilities. More… 26 July In our Downloads page released the driver version 5.

You may download plugins and read detailed description in our Downloads page. There are five games added to the firmware! This time is on site Reviews. More… 18 December In our Downloads page released driver version 5. Behold TV H85 — is a hybrid model, combining together the possibility of receiving digital broadcast, analog TV and FM-radio broadcast.

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To update the firmware you need to use new utility version 1. Only by useful innovation. Ru “…New TV-FM tuner from Beholder company during the tests demonstrated excellent results and leaved a multitude of positive emotions. Of course, we can’t treat cameras as an instrument for taking full value photograph, and the time of operation on accumulator is not outstanding, but good display, stable software, good set of interfaces and rather pleasant beholv cover these disadvantages.


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BeholdTV T8 is interesting not only by its miniature size, but also by extended functional support and excellent quality of analog television reception, which makes it very interesting from the pont of view of using it in compact Mini-ITX and HTPC computers”. This become obvious on the sample of Beholder tuners, where even the cheapest models may boast of possibilities inavailable on tuners fds other manufacturers”.

Qualitative soldering and well thought-out component base, sensitive reception and excellent quality of picture, perfect FM reception, comfortable customizable menu with fast responce, support of high resolutions and wide choice of output picture aspects, presence of Picture-On-Desktop mode.

The same fate striked also video, texts and who knows what else — all is transfered to the digital formats. History continues… “, dedicated to the activities of Beholder company, to characteristic features of its products and to the probable trends of development.