Manually entered data is not transferred to your meter and is denoted in the log with a series of lines. I like when software ask and not just defaults to my document folder: Except that I am only plagiarizing myself, which is a little more socially acceptable! The loading speed varies by computer and could take up to a few minutes. For all the testing I do I am still amazed at how these programs show me the gaps in my testing habits.

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Easy-to-view and easy-to-share reports to help have more productive conversations between you and your healthcare professional — helping them guide you through your results to help you improve your diabetes management.

Are you a software developer? It does one thing, and does it very well, helps me monitor and see patterns in bayyer glucose levels which helps me better manage my diabetes. General Conditions of Use Privacy Statement. The new study focuses on finding a direct link between the risk and the amount of rice eaten.

Please reference the information above for system requirements and meter compatibility. All reports have a data analysis table containing more detailed information.

Site Map Skip to content. You then are asked to create a new user or choose which existing person in the database to associate the meter data too If you already have configured bater personal account.

Glucofacts Deluxe Software

All steps were very easy and worked well for me. Except that I am only plagiarizing myself, which is a little more socially acceptable! It hayer you analyze your testing habits by summarizing the number of test you perform and when you take those test. This review covers both versions because there are only a few differences between the two. Below you will see which blood glucose meters have open protocols and documentation available for building custom software applications.


Is there a preferred sequence to use for loading software? You can configure Glucofacts Deluxe to transfer meter data every time you connect or to ask you what to do when you do connect the meter, and you can configure the settings to auto print graphs and logs when your meter is connected. At the bottom of each report page is a Data Analysis section.

Contour Diabetes Solutions

It bwyer a very nice application for charting your blood glucose levels and seeing patterns in your levels using several useful graphs. But even there, I have to confess that I plagiarize. For some people that may be reason enough not to use Glucofacts Deluxe.

The authors from the Harvard School of Public Health looked for evidence of the association between eating white rice and Type 2 diabetes in previous studies and research.

If you wish to manually enter data, you can do that too desktop only. Are you a developer who wants to build a custom application for a blood glucose meter? You can print charts and logs for you to take or send to your doctor. Make sure the “Use AutoPlay for all media and devices” checkbox is selected and verify that the setting for software and games is “Install or run program”.


I see this as a great benefit for people with accessibility issues or for the computer illiterate, assuming they have someone to install and configure the software. According to a new study published in the British Medical Journal, regularly eating white rice significantly increases the risk of Type 2 diabetes.

You cannot edit a meter reading which was transferred from your meter but you can add comments to those entries. Once configured, anyone can use this software with only a few mouse clicks to transfer data and print pre-configured reports.

Diabetic Nerd Managing diabetes with technology. Subsequent insertions should take less time to process.

Glucofacts Deluxe installed without incident for me and there were no firewall issues expect for allowing the newer Java update to run the first time or other security warnings from my anti-virus or ant-malware software. Get started by clicking the “Download Now. Glucofacts is not a meal, weight, blood pressure, insulin or medicine logging applications.

This study also seeks to determine if the risk of Type 2 diabetes is greater in Asian countries, whose diet consists of more white rice than westerners.