The people that are parked in the street that get plowed in are in legal spaces, on the side of the street that they are allowed to be on. This guy should get a raise. This guy is doing the job I want my plow man to do. So shut the fuck up and buy another shovel or snowblower and get it done so you can do your fucking job!!!! Shut up will Ya he was just trying to be funny!!!!! Mar 09, Brian Lohnes

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It makes there job much tougher than it needs to be. I do believe the only dereliction of duty here would be the lack of reporting all those cars to the tow pow people. His laughing and cussing- is not an extreme psychological issue! BangShifter Mike Lang gets all the credit for this gem of a Craigslist find. The weather doesnt care,so suck it up and grab a shovel,baby!

However i will say, i live in the city. Some people recognize uncivilized, apathetic behavior, Jeremy. When the company decided to go full bore into the insanely profitable and competitive light This dude is obviously just vocalizing the same thing everyone one of us think when we see people parked in the street after storms.


This video combines a couple of themes we have had today. The driver was hilarious,is it his fault that you have no where to park, no. Feb 26, Where else would you line us to put the snow? Feb 26, 5. People parked in spots that bostoon banned dont get snowed in they get towed.

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You could point out how involved of a restoration it was for this American LaFrance chassis. Not so funny now eh?

He is vindictive, and just an overall waste of space. Mar 10, Bryan McTaggart 1. Gearheads will note that Ark City best Thereare big engines and then there are BIG engines and this one qualifies as the latter. Life is too serious now. Watching these nighttime bounty hill runs in bostkn bouncers is enough to make you question the sanity of each and every participant. If you mute the sound………It is just a plow truck plowing snow?

He was just passing time in a boring job. So all the people bangsgift had been the cause of him losing his job need to do something to help him get it back. But Doonies 2 features even more high flying kick as action than ever before. It is ;low, and will be, the few assholes that will complain and get the most attention.


If he worked for me, he would not be working for me. Monster brought out all their killer machines, the Monster babes, and all I was once on a MTA bus that tried to pull into Wonderland station [in bangzhift snow] but a VW bug was parked in the wrong place. Just exactly where was he supposed to put the shit? So until you have plowed a mile in mine or another real mans seat then shut your bangshfit and go dig out your minivan you whinny Bitch.

The Amazing folding plow truck

If you had been plowing for 12hrs plus, just had some great weed, you might record this video too. It is an outrage to the middle class and prevents small business initiatives — not to mention the impact on urban and suburban commerce and health care.

I lived there for 20 years and now 30 in Virginia.

I say fuck you!