Not the best Meanwhile, ASUS for some reason released the version 6. Info about the driver: Build does not need modding for full support. Both, Audio and Network always work flawlessly.

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It’s much better to go directly to the manufacturer of the device in question, in this case, to Realtek.

Audio and Multimedia Drivers – TechSpot

Kindly help me to resolve this issue. On an unrelated note, on Windows 8. No sound would play from the rear or the center speakers. AntiSnipe Senior Member Posts: Realistically though, the drivers would be much more windoqs and probably almost identical, so download that from station-drivers instead.

Audio and Multimedia

They thought my 5. Seems like that only thing for which second restart is required is running a control panel hidden in tray set up to launch at system start.

Even video drivers don’t seem to require a restart anymore at least if you’re updating them. The only thing i can recommend you at the moment is to run Windows Update to see if any drivers related to your mother board are found, if it does and you are lucky Realtek High Definition Audio Driver should show up as well,then install them.


Almost every time windows wants to restart for something azakia related, you aufio don’t need to.

Otherwise he would have mentioned the wide range of X-Fi based cards. Interesting but my card isn’t based on the chip that guy is talking about. This R version only allows me aduio select xx bit, Hz on the recording devices and will not allow 16 bit, Hz, so that I don’t have re-sample audio files before making audio CDs with them.

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Both, Audio and Network always work flawlessly. Same download, uses an older driver.

From the drop down list under drivers only Win 7 x64 seems to be supported,i am not saying that Windows 8. It provides only Side speakers for 5.

If I wanted to use this for Ventrillo, or Skype, or something, I would not want it recording Hz for simple voice crap. It’s a French site, but pretty easy to navigate: Depending on the distribution, linux doesn’t even require you to do anything at all – just turn on the system and sound works. Click here to post a comment for this file on the message forum.


Meanwhile, ASUS for some reason released the version 6. Did you try custom driver for asus? Since there are no drivers listed on MSI’s page for Widows Don’t want to upset you or anything but your mobo might be incompatible with Win 8. It doesn’t give me option to select 5. R is still the best version on my rig.

Realtek High Definition Audio wnidows R2. GeForce Hotfix Driver Same goes with display drivers etc!

But this program may be run manually without problem and without second restart of course. It has the same problems as R and Dolby Digital Live 5. If only Creative could provide as good driver support Went back to 2.