Also i must say i don’t use msdos 6. Unfortunately, these additional voices are achieved via software-based processing on the system CPU. Mon May 02, Maybe just try a force Windows hardware resource change for the AWE64’s resources. I also would advise you to put your mouse line AFTER the mscdex line, the mscdex will need more mem than your mouse, better always load the more demanding program first. Retrieved from ” https: A third version that arrived later, was designed around the PCI bus.

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Wed Apr 27, The adapter came in two variants: Tue May 03, 7: There is no material that is knowingly illegal here. The card was launched in November The drivers are much improved and you get full fat32 support. It is a rocket!

Can’t get dos games to detect ISA AWE64

Fri Apr 29, 2: And if you want to play a DOS game after being in Windows, you just reboot, without any special configurations, bootdisks, boot managers or crap like that. The problem isn’t the usual: It awr64 an add-on board for PCs. Wed Apr 27, 8: The server providing them seems to have disapeared,can’t reach the server anymore, snif Thanks for the advice on CTCM though.


That’s one for the complain topic, yes it is! Fri Apr 29, 3: The way to do it is to set your main on C: Thanks for the replies. The problem is that I can’t seem to get my AWE64 working for some reason with older games Doom2 and Warcraft or newer games.

Sound Blaster AWE64

These memory boards were priced rather high. I’ve used it for years and it’s certainly the best of the 9xs. And while you’re on it on dos a multiconfig boot? What’s worse, the mobo has no jumper settings for disabling onboard sound, and there’s no option to disable it in the BIOS. Last edited by retro games on They contain a full setup. What brand and model is your motherboard, 3headedmonkey?

Through trial and error and some help from others I found that these two switches work perfectly on my machine and don’t have problems with any games I play regularly. A line in the config. He will have do decide what’s suitable for him or her? Always at your service, as long as you remember: I don’t believe it can’t be disabled.


Without this motherboard port, the card was incompatible with DOS software. Sun May 01, 4: Tue May 03, 2: In response to Creative’s move towards a proprietary memory module, Jeff Briden created an adapter board that plugged into the AWE64 and allowed the user to install normal pin SIMMs. The technology, called WaveGuidesynthesizes doz instrument sounds rather than using stored instrument patches like the hardware voices.