The Imaging system stores, retrieves, transmits, and displays digital images of conditions and procedures. These include notification that the appointment is an overbook, the patient already has an appointment scheduled for that date and time, or the appointment cannot be made due to previous inactivation of the designated clinic. It is used both to display relevant patient data for use during the visit, such as demographics, allergies, and problems; and to collect data about the visit, such as procedures and tests performed. The Home Telehealth program builds on the excellent existing and evolving VistA system. The SCD package accomplishes the following:

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By unassigning patients who have not seen their primary care providers in a specified amount of time, new patients may be assigned.

Its primary focus is clinical and to collect data for the Ambulatory Care Reporting Project. There are five types of FIM assessments: Both must approve before the project application can be transmitted electronically to higher approval authorities. Patient appointments are scanned from September 1, to the present, and appointment data meeting specified criteria are vsta to the Austin Information Technology Center AITC. When a asc-1668 file is journaled, updates are written to journal awc-1686 before being written to database files, and in the event of a system crash, database files can be recovered from journal files.

The Controlled Substances module provides functionality to monitor and track the receipt, inventory, and dispensing of all controlled substances. Web services written in GT. This game is free to download and distribute.


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Data elements available for capture vary depending on the conditions you select when building monitors. An unlimited number of global variables can fit within one database file; a global variable must fit in one database file.

Currently, terminology is used in the Department of Veterans Affairs www. OncoTraX is in complete compliance with all ACoS required data elements, and is updated as changes occur.

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Printed reports are available for all procedures. This software provides the capability for pharmacy personnel to receive a Controlled Substances order, automatically update the quantity on hand, and view vjsta receipt history. The information will also be a valuable database for resource utilization studies, forecasting, and healthcare planning for vjsta future.

The system may display numerous messages when an appointment is scheduled depending on the availability of the slot requested. This version of IB has been targeted for a much wider audience than previous versions. Since ARM CPUs are usually in the visfa of SOCs found in mobile devices, this new announcement implies that Windows 8 will be more compatible with mobile devices such as netbooks, tablet personal computers, and smartphones.

All options within the PPP V. Detailed information requests the user to enter specific type of fluid intake e. Manages vsta supplemental feeding food items and menus.

BITE identifies faults early, improving system robustness, patient safety. A carefully designed set of checks and balances has been incorporated to ensure that the patient is supplied IV solutions quickly and accurately. It is primarily used by VistA applications requiring the need to enumerate unique patients at their facilities.


OSEHRA System Architecture, Product Definition and Roadmap

The data concerning exposure to bloodborne pathogens will be collected in a national database to identify national trends, training needs, and best practices for the benefit of all employees at every VA medical center. The Outpatient Pharmacy V. Reports are available to display open, pending, and completed consults. Sort and rearrange the view; display data in a custom view. Enhances security with the use of a unique electronic signature code for each user required to authorize an action.

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Pharmacy end users will be able to match classify a greater percentage of their local drug files for new products. The data is then transmitted to the AITC, where it is www.

Current security key capabilities were unable to efficiently manage the needs of clinical documentation Discharge Summaries, Progress Notes, etc. This report contains demographic and medical information about each patient being handed off. This additional data supplements the existing Clinic Appointment Wait Time extracts.