Versions before 5 don’t work, as far as I know. I use the Audiowerk 8 soundcard. Sorry, hugely dull question about hardware. Can u enlighten me? Are you shure that it will work with Windows XP? I’m interested in the ‘but XP when setup properly is’ part.

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I use the Audiowerk 8 soundcard. Join the HC Newsletter. Can u enlighten me my friends? Anyone doing that currently? I have no internet connection attached to this computer!!

Thanks for your advice, guys. View the Media Kit. Advertise on the most comprehensive and widely viewed musicians’ website.

Emagic drivers free download software for all devices

Login or Sign Up. I am thinking to buy a computer from ADK, Carillon etc. Yo Dylan, Great advice. Do you already have an account? I probably should have mentioned that the main reason it was unusable for me is the horseshit emulated WDM drivers this was back when Sonar only had WDM for a low latency choice. Like Ingo, I’m a Terratec user these days.


Sowari, there are clinics you can go to debrief and decant your Mac brainwashing. Help FAQs Go to top. Audiowerk 8 XP But the real question Versions before 5 don’t work, as far as I know.

Does the Audiowerk 8 soundcard work with XP?

Can u enlighten me? Only by about a mile. How old is your version of Logic? Does the Audiowerk 8 soundcard work with XP? Well, I recently annoyed the members of this forum with “strange problems” most of them solved by nowbut I have to say that in general my Windows XP system runs Cubase SX 2 and Reaktor 4,5 very well – and I use it for email, internet, digital photography and auiowerk everything else you can do with a computer nowadays.

I never had any luck with emagic’s XP drivers. No, create an account now.

Audiowerk card, Reaktor and XP | NI Community Forum

Sorry, hugely dull question about hardware. I was thinkg ajdiowerk get a Dual processor DAW. AND, the fans make enough noise to wake the next door neighbours.


Recording, Engineer and Mixing: The PC setup I’m looking at is: I kept the installer of my drivers in a separate partition in case of reinstall. And no this PC has NO internet connection, no games etc.

There are a few websites that can walk you through optimizing XP including www. Originally posted by 2FLY But the real question Yes, my password is: