What about an x86 emulator? See this Ubuntu Mate thread. If you think that fonts are blurred or not being displayed correctly then your monitor may not have the standard RGB sub pixel order. This thread demonstrates how to do this as well as the loopback feature. As a guide, the ‘compiz’ desktop effects of Ubuntu

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If this happens to you then check out the ” I’ve lost yaboot, what can I do? The more wordy Debian guide is here. Here’s a few examples please don’t feel limited to these suggestions just to get you started: Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. See this wiki for information on this, as well as, more troubleshooting tips. This is a hell of an prro card so maybe it can’t even run 3D screensavers.

Linux drivers for old graphics card? | MyBroadband

If you are asked to join the netdev group you should do this. This wiki descrbes the process plus how to verify the iso file and finished disk. For example, please add to the list: More tips on booting from openfirmware are given on this page and this thread, but use the word yaboot instead of: Type ‘help’ for more guidance.

Also, if your CPU is as old as your graphics card, compiling the graphics stack will probably take you about 3 raage of just waiting for your computer, whereas a modern, low-end box could compile it in about 30 minutes.


How do I install a vesa driver anyways? This is necessary for properly resuming consoles when in VGA text mode, but shouldn’t be if the rzge is using radeonfb or some other graphic mode driver.

One of the better explanations to how openfirmware works can be found in the NetBSD instructions although they use boot quite differently.

If you’ve kept your Mac OS up-to-date this should be the last version of firmware flashed onto the airport card. There are ibuntu proprietary non-free drivers for ppc.

Linux drivers for old graphics card?

You can increase the colour depth with fbdev by using a different framebuffer such as nouveaufb or the legacy framebuffers nvidiafb or rivafb and creating an xorg. Install Ubuntu, Lubuntu, Xubuntu, Kubuntu, etc After installing the base installation and logging in enter the following simple commands: Buying another card is not solving, in the sense people look for in these threads.

Getting this built would require a ubuntk of the package it patches, by including the patch in the packaging. No upgrade log present probably ubunty install dmi. Joined Feb 23, Messages 1, For more information about the security design decisions made by the Ubuntu Security Team see https: It bundles Now old mesa libs and was, I believe, the cause of some strange weirdness when I was using it. Alternatively, use the mini ISO.


The distros will be named according to the partition they are installed on. For example, with early iMac G3s the openfirmware cannot access beyond the first 8GB or 7. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. If not, the advice I ubutnu here was: Hopefully you’re now enjoying your new PowerPC Ubuntu system.

Rags Ubuntu recognize this card during installation?

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This will take a long time to compile, probably at least an hour with a 1GHz processor. This is the driver in question, it promises to be the end of my graphics troubles with my old Rage card.

You should use this as a last resort and you may loose yaboot temporarily if you dual boot.