Who can tell what’s interesting chip, all copied. Video has ceased to please? And to hell with it, I’m not a big fan drive. And it’ll be just as poorly supported as every other high end card in history on the Mac! I think enough prigruza. For the same reason, many “live” linux distributions work very inconvenient. Is something wrong here?

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Head swells, and the summer should drink beer, and I arrived with the card at home. Could Apple have a better OGL? Why there are two? If you switch the monitor on the TV, on the TV – a desktop and a movie, and the monitor turns off. It’s just sloppy reporting on the part of MacNN, because the press release which they’re basing their report on reads: Feb 26, Posts: Do not kill the subject, try to write, maybe someone will be interested.

Beyond tired Radiator with cooler on the chip even colder. Well I did not do so, then M. I’ll need to see more numbers from more games at more resolutions before I come to a conclusion on whether the GPU is the bottleneck or not.


Ars Legatus Legionis et Subscriptor. So what you do not like? Mar 19, Posts: But after a trip computer, It can not be included in minutes minutes.

ATI Radeon R96PRO/XT REV 1.3

Ato, but such a solution is suitable only for older games. And I have only one of the Nurse. And HP is even better, it is necessary to put it? Of course it’s AGP. I have questions on the subject, and with regards to Forgive me modernizing.

ATi Radeon XT Video Card – Reviews, Specifications, and Pictures –

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Jun 28, Posts: Who can tell what’s interesting chip, all copied. Is this mostly a software problem? I don’t ask this as a BF question, but why is the gap so large? I have a dual 2. After loading OSes all perfectly set to full screen x, And when will the new game engine DOOM3 and the like, you may have noticed that your computer is not so strong.


You can not judge by 3 games of the entire industry. For the same reason, many “live” linux distributions work very inconvenient. Probably redone, he took it a little yuzaniya with percents. But since Radeon love, then agi direct road to a total upgrade to PCI-Express platform and the purchase of a powerful modern cards from ATI, because in the AGP-sector she stayed only outdated and expensive Also, why would you use the botmatch demo if you testing GPU performance?

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