I didn’t think it would work. After that I just ran through the Howto on the Beryl site: Statistically, it is unlikely you’ll run into any issues. Do NOT install it! Yes fglrx is the proprietary ATI driver, but it does not support all the ATI cards and recently dropped support for some older cards that are supported by the open source radeon driver. I’ve follow the instruction correctly but when I type in the consolle: Then X crashes I just have the time to see the beryl-manager’s gem in the notification area.

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How do I activate transparent backrounds in example aterm, xterm.

I once had this issue before where it was actually something almost outside of X crashing that reported to syslog, not to Xorg. It worked fine once I removed fglrx.

November 26, – Changed “driver-ati” to “video-ati” for some apt-get commands. December 6, – Thanks to 2hansen New xorg. What I’d say you need to do is look for others who’ve also tried to get this working.


As far as my experience with Mobiluty cards is: Thanks for volunteering right in the nick of time!!! I just don’t understand why this is. Now reboot your computer.

ATI Mobility Radeon-P

That’ll help me figure this out. Did you run this command?

Attached is a copy of the Xorg. I changed it after I posted my xorg P in my many attempts to get it working here is my xorg. Are you sure you’re coming from a relatively clean install of Ubuntu?

ATI Radeon goes mobile –

This will help a lot in my research. Unfortunately, I’m stumped for thoughts on how to fix it. Just tried one Game with wine yet. I seem to have the opposite problem.

Than I saw a tip: I have very little knowledge about GLCore, unfortunately.

I ran into this exact same situation. Find any “subsections” that tells Xorg that you can use Depth 24 or higher, like this: And after X restarts I can view the differences between Gadeon. After hours trying follow this HOWTO, the system still unstable after direct rendering is enabled, even after Part 2 of this guide. I assume you know how to use the terminal! KAOZ23, unfortunately my card ran just fine with your configuration. We are now going to compile. Screen 0 is not DRI capable It absolutely is the cause.


It seems to install mobiity lot of packages Answer 1: I followed this guide, ran into the freeze with glxinfo grep direct and glxgears, editted my xorg.

I experienced the total freezes too see previous post http: Thanks dude, i understand: We show the least amount of ads whenever possible. Just try switching things on, and seeing what gives you better results. Clipping of transformed windows is not going to be correct when screen is transformed.