I’m fairly certain your installation has been shoved around a lot, since you’ve tried so many HOWTOs. You now have patched drivers. Log in to your normal username. Sorry for the inconveniance, but when life gets busy, I have no choice. Option “SWcursor” “true” More stable this way.

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P in my many attempts to get it working here is my xorg. But now I can with 3D accel.

ATI Mobility Radeon-P

Now I still have not seen any crash on this laptop since 3D drivers have been activated. To get 3D acceleration working before I had to apply the fglrx driver through the Kubuntu repositories and have been working for the past few weeks. Run the following fadeon Did your computer start crashing randomly after you followed Part I? Thanks for pointing that out as well.

Is it simply because the driver doesn’t support the higher resolution? I despise the “edgily” joke – it’s way overused. What I’ll do as I did for someone else is integrate your xorg.


I don’t need the super-cube or anything, but I would like access to things like the OSX dock.

ATI Mobility Radeon-P Specs | TechPowerUp GPU Database

Other than that, it’s been fine. This is so you can debug startup issues. Let’s back up our existing drivers just in case.

HD Graphics Ivy Bridge. I forgot to include this – thanks for reminding me. This command will download everything we need to compile the drivers. This HOWTO is completely based on my limited experience, so I am open to suggestions about different situations that may come up!

I have updeated My xorg. D BTW, mobilit you. I need to finish some stuff over the weekend, so that means I probably won’t be able to help around here until Monday or beyond.

Unknown device Control: Why don’t you use the “radeon” driver instead of the “ati” driver? Rob, you are mistaken. And, yes, a reinstall after trying different guides with different drivers is probably a good j6-c/p. I haven’t forgotten you, and will get down to troubleshooting your card later today, after KAOZ23’s card is troubleshooted he got here first: I had spent several hours trying to sift through all of the information available for ATI cards.


I think it might be your installation have you messed around with it? The “driver claims to not support visual” message is normal. Your welcome, though really you figured it out in the end yourself.

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No guarantees, so I give you the permission to bug me Monday. What I mean is that we are going to see if the drivers to output specific errors, and if they don’t enable 3D accelleration because of those errors. I booted from Mandrake One live cd and had 3d rendering working 1st time and it looks lie their using the open source ATI.

D the buttons and stuff lost the messed up lines and stuff too. Radeon R7 Cores Kaveri Desktop. That’s a good thing.