For the R chip itself, the big change is in power management. ATI worked hard to finish up its new 80 nanometer products and despite a delay of all the 80 nanometer chips, it is finally ready in good quantities. That means you can clock the core faster, which was done quite insignificantly for this model but the increase is there. ATI is aiming to correct these availability problems and bring a little more performance to the X series with a pair of new graphics chips, code-named R and R However, not all has been roses. That 80nm process ensures cheaper production of the silicon and more importantly less heat and likely lower graphics core voltages. ATI says the R should use as little as half the power and produce half the heat of the R in “2D” desktop use.

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Radeon X XT Platinum Edition – Page 1

ATI knew this as well, they partly invented this game. Always have the fastest card, that’s what a graphics card manufacturer always has in the back of his head. It wasn’t too long ago that a rather big discussion in the industry that a image filtering technology called Trilinear filtering was optimized by NVIDIA with the help of a mixture of filtering technologies Brilinear.

Uhm, well nothing except a newer 80nm fabrication process. ATI has endowed the R with a dynamic clock gating capability, a la the Pentium M, that allows the chip to deactivate parts of itself when they’re not being used. ATI has chosen a different chip substrate component in order to ease the quest for higher memory clock speeds.


In intense 3D gaming and benchmarking sessions, even with relatively warm ambient temperatures, the X XT PE was generally quieter than a GeForce Ultra, which isn’t bad company to keep. It’s never been any different though, yet it is more and more difficult for us journalists to x50 these cards.

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Only a few percent of the market is actually in that high-end range. Dell returns to the stock market after six years. On a more serio Like the R, the R is manufactured by TSMC on its low-k nm fab process, but the R and its supporting cast have been tweaked and tuned to reach higher clock speeds more easily and reliably. The R will be aimed at the very top of the performance ranks.

When I received the x I immediately got a flashback to last year. The R’s supporting cast gets similar tweaks.

ATI’s Radeon X850 XT graphics cards

Neutronbeam Zak, you know you can’t validate any of the above details without first throwing As you might have guessed, the R’s mission in life will be a little more modest, performance-wise, than the R’s.

Let’s place the high-end product range in a table to be able to understand what is going on: No Interruptions Day Shortbread. Still, the other shoe has dropped. In fact, we’ve benchmarked it against nearly every card we could find.

About us Privacy policy Mailing list Mobile. The R and R aren’t revolutionary by any means, but ATI has brought some notable changes to each of them.

Both of the Radeon X cards will use a single-slot cooler and require no external power plug at least on PCI Express versions. It started with their Radeon Pro series.


With that being said, let’s start up this review beginning with a small overview of ATi’s new premium rqdeon the Radeon x XT Platinum Edition! Merry Christmas from The Tech Report staff! All of them in the high-end range where one is ATI’s new flagship and where another is in the middle of that high-end range.

This process, combined with lower clock speeds, should allow Rbased cards to thrive with a relatively minimalist single-slot cooler. LG HU85L projector needs but two inches to cast a 90″ picture. For the R chip itself, the raddeon change is in power management.

Not because it sells to much, hell no.

256 MB ATI Radeon X850 XT Platinum Edition Video Card

Customize The Tech Report Exciting times in the graphics industry you ask? The Prologue Hey everyone, so last month ATi introduced a couple of new cards. This change, like all the others to the R, is intended to bring higher clock speeds with less fuss, so that supply of 2566mb cards might actually be able to keep up with demand.

The card features 36 Pixel Shaders units.