The arithmetic unit, based on the still current Ivy Bridge generation, is satisfied with a low TDP of 17 watts and has a clock rate of 1. Accessories Although the accessories for the The competition does not offer much better speakers in this price range and so the quality is acceptable. The touch-ultrabook reached a very audible noise level of 42 dB in this application scenario, as can be seen in our noise level graph below. Is it an unnecessary gimmick or a practical feature? Mass Effect 3

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CalMan – color saturation.

Asus Realtek Ethernet Driver for Windows 7 Driver – TechSpot

Tests based on a few up-to-date PC games confirmed this. The connectivity can also almost completely be adopted from our previously tested sister model. Regrettably, the Samsung screen does not give a really convincing performance in this category either.

Its picture quality cannot match high-end screens left: Products may not be available in all markets. It is the touchscreen that makes the biggest and almost sole difference to the S56CM reviewed a few months ago. The achieved 4 hours and 20 minutes does not really imply high endurance. The audio system, which we also know from Asus’ S56CM, did not really convince us.

The ultrabook lasted for 3: All specifications are subject to change without notice.


Review Asus VivoBook SCM-CJH Ultrabook – Reviews

The identically equipped S56CM reaped in a marginally better score here. The model from the older Kepler architecture 40 nm is in the lower performance midfield and is a frequently used graphics solution for multimedia laptops and ultrabooks featuring a dedicated GPU. We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used.

Particularly the casing’s temperatures were noticed positively, which almost imperceptibly warmed the chassis clad in cool aluminum during low load.

Problem with my Asus laptop ethernet port 🙁

However, the more common laptop use with the classic Windows GUI is unfavorable. Ultimately, there is no real productive gain or added value in the operation of the ultrabook in everyday use. The screen proves to be apt due to its fast response and good detection of multi-touch gestures and the Windows 8 tile interface is convenient.

The results are not overwhelming for the specifications of an ultrabook but are throughout acceptable for the device’s configuration. The modest black value of 1. It is based on an average TN screen whose rates do not break any records. The array of the U and GT M also achieved the expected scores for this hardware combination in the newer 3DMark 11, which hint at a satisfactory gaming performance for the touch-ultrabook.

As expected, laptop systems featuring a full-blown SSD solution and a stronger i5 or i7 standard processor score much better.


Its low waste heat and power consumption are at the expense of higher CPU performance, just like the rpm HDD in this case. However, we quite liked the robust chassis of the SCM because of the very tightly pulled hinges and the display’s increased stability. However, we did not perceive this as annoying or loud. A Bluetooth interface for wireless data sharing finishes the communication bundle.

The base unit of the VivoBook strikes with high rigidness and barely yields anywhere even when greater force is applied. Their ethfrnet is acceptable for laptop speakers though they audibly lack sound volume and bass.

Review Asus VivoBook S550CM-CJ038H Ultrabook

It dropped from the otherwise stable 1. We therefore were curious and sent the iU through a range of benchmarks.

We also measured the installed screen’s color reproduction state of delivery prior to screen calibration. There is no recovery DVD. Keyboard The manufacturer does not experiment with the keyboard either. Work partitioning refers to the operating system, which takes advantage of the SSD’s high speed and ensures swift boot and instant “wake-up” ethenret. For the original German review, see here.