Must enable Advanced mode to see this. Well, after some hair pulling I got fglrx working again [7. Is there something different about the repositories driver from ati. This is the guide I suggest in this thread Radeon is apparently “pre-r”, and so 8.

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Radeon 9550 to 9600 Bios Mod

Yet as soon as the fglrx drivers are installed anything having to do with video is SLOW! This is another guide to installing the drivers. It’s odd, with Ubuntu I’ve rv3350/256m/hp got proper 6. Just a note all, the new ATI drivers are out – they changed the numbering scheme on us, the new version is 7.

When I set it to x 60 X starts. Yes, I do have a digital cable connecting the card to my monitor, but it runs fine in XP.

Radeon to Bios Mod | Page 3 | TechPowerUp Forums

The number of reinstalls is x2 because I tried, and am wsus on 32bit now, whereas I was using 64bit It isn’t a problem with xorg. See if happens the same. I also install all of the updates for everything.

Same problem as most other ATI owners – whichever installation method that I try, or whichever driver – black screen instead of Gnome login. Rf350/256m/hp sure as heck hope a power off doesn’t reset me to Mesa; that will sorta make me a tad angry.


Howdy folks, nice thread so far, it has been a great help.

Its not so bad for gaming with the driver already installed, everything works fine, only a little slower than I used to play them. MS48 II fglrx 0: If only I could get the ati card to work properly it would seriously reduce the amount of time I would need to spend using winblow itoutmyar s.

Checking for Composite extension: Ok, deep breath here. From what I can gather it’s not a graphics driver fault.

This version of the ATI driver officially supports: I tried solving something and I couldn’t log in, asuw mode couldn’t fix it and I know nothing really specific commands to alter anything I’ve done. This became very frustrating as I tried every method and step here with no success. However I am having a few problems. I used the method in this thread for those who are having trouble: I get this error using -vo xv, -vo x11 what have you Hit Y zsus enter. Ok I think I got it but not sure I’m not in low graphic mode no more but yet still can not enable even the normal desktop effects because i’m not sure is cause the last prompt was to select the color mode and I selected 24bit,after doing that it just opened up the terminal again,not sure what to put ofcourse so I restarted, Do I have it right now that I’m out of low graphics mode?


HP ASUS Ati Radeon RV graphics card MB VGA W/TVout, DVI-I | eBay

Thanks for this post! If I remove the card, installs, boots, and works normally with the integrated Intel card. I was going to post it but have been beaten to it!

At that point my screen is black, but my monitor detects a signal on whatever port I have it plugged into and it doesn’t go into power save mode.

Sign in for checkout Check out as guest. What I need now is some suggestions to test my driver’s settings to make sure that I’m not cheering too soon.

Yellow Dog Linux

Unless you know how to use the text-based web browser, I recommend you choose no to the prompt to start a web browser. If so, fglrx does not support your card and you don’t want to run an old version.

Failed to open DRM connection — fglrx 0: I done it following the instructions to compile it in the FAQ of mesa3d.