This version or later is required for APCC v1. Click the download button and follow the installer instructions to install the platform from the website. Computer Control All functions of the servo drive can be commanded from a laptop or desktop computer. Park 5 parks the scope on the opposite side of the pier facing north to the horizon. APCC provides safeguards that are useful even if you are operating your scope in your own backyard.

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In addition to pulse guiding, PulseGuide also has useful utility features. The GoTo mount control functions provided by this application are quite basic and most suited to visual astronomy.

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Astro-Physics V2 ASCOM Driver and Tutorial Videos

This version or later is required for APCC v1. This was done to overcome a potential Park 1 issue. On the Mac side, you might wish to connect both Astro-Planner and Equinox for an observing or imaging session. Most advanced planetarium and telescope control software packages have an option to use the ASCOM platform, or else they require it outright.

Check this link to see Tim Benedictus demonstrate these products at the Macworld Expo. Also, if the weather is cloudy, you can browse through the extensive databases to learn a great deal about the sky and plan your next session. Note that while you can still use Park 1, do so at your own risk. For even more information, check the following link: Much confusion arises from the use of the term “PulseGuide”.


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It derives its name from its most distinctive feature, pulse guiding, which refers to a calculated series of timed pulses in order to create custom tracking in both RA and Dec. In a normal installation, you should then be xstrophysics to proceed to the most recent update release of the platform.

The task of software developers to keep up with new mounts, cameras, focusers, etc. If you are installing the platform for the zscom time, the installation is rather straight-forward once the necessary Windows and DotNet updates have beeen completed.

The issue would occur if the mount is allowed to track into a counterweight up position i. This software, also written by Ray Gralak in conjuction with Astro-Physics, offers more refined custom variable tracking rate control, vastly improved tracking of asteroids and comets in addition to many other advanced features. astroohysics

It has been developed with remote operation in mind and its functions were designed to be highly robust. The installer program will guide you.

Park 5 parks the scope on the opposite side of the pier facing north to the horizon. It is important that you keep your computer current with the latest updates to the Operating System i.

Simply think of your Keypad or computer as an input device. It was a monumental effort that has served our customers well for many years.


ASCOM AstroPhysics V2 Telescope Driver v5.00.03

It is not actually lost, it was just astropnysics initialized. You do not need to uninstall a previously version version of the driver, even if you want to install an older version over the top of a newer version.

This page will always have the latest help documentation for the driver.

It has been through rigorous testing and is being treated as an on-going project. Park 4 parks the scope on the opposite side of the pier facing south to the horizon. Check out the Features of the Astro-Physics V2 Driver that differrentiate it from asttophysics earlier driver.

ASCOM and the Astro-Physics ASCOM V2 Driver

For a more detailed information, please click here. To install the driver, simply click the link in the QuickLinks table under the “Latest Version” heading and either run the file or save it and run it later. Some platform updates may require that you first uninstall a previous version. The term was originally coined by Ray Gralak when he developed his software by the same name.

Also be sure to install the AP V2 driver after the full platform installation is finished as described in the instructions a bit further down.