Because when windows is loaded, you better use windows apps. My idea was to use a USB key, so I started hunting around for a solution. I will run mbench that makes detailed test and measure also the latency. It is fine that it supports hot-plugging not partially but completely and you can change one flashdisk to another. Like I said, I haven’t had time to do any troubleshooting, but I don’t thing it’s going to be anything complicated to fix assuming I can figure out exactly what the problem is. I didn’t mess with XMS yet as I temporarly have some basic module at , waiting to buy something better. Sign in Already have an account?

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I recently discovered Clonezilla as quick and efficient image maker. Obviously, such a yss is a fault of the device, and a bad sign for usability in DOS.

Suspicious Activity Detected

But obtaining much less in not that uncommon and can have various reasons: Usually enough to transfer your files. I was not doing a few jsb right when Ghost was installing It was just relative comparison of 2 systems. It also ensure that your machine is perfectly idle at the time you do the repair.


I see from your log that the flash disk got this address.

Laaca Czech republic, This also makes filesystem flaws see [18] worse. SYS but without any success. It doesn’t even fully support AVX!

USB Support for DOS

Can be booted from floppy or CD. Of course I don’t need ultra power under DOS, just curious how turbo works License is unclear and there adpiehci almost no documentation. Possible reasons for transfer errors include:. Also consists of two parts.

Seems that hub makes a firewall that cannot be passed. Hi, This may be slighty off topic.

I would expect they will try to increase number of cores at least in i7 line but we still stucked at 4. Author reportedly is working on USB 3 support now, stay tuned or contact him if interested in beta testing.

To avoid interference between windows and DOS do not include driver loading command in autoexec.

There used to be the Motto Hairu diver included but now you have to aspienci it separately: Do you already have an account?

BAT where you loaded your drivers here? What is important – the modules for input devices mouse, keyboard and joystick and printers are aspishci working ready for every day use and transparent to DOS so everything works like normal legacy devices.


They were initially released into public in —07 and they are still in intensive development.

USB mass storage on MS-DOS | Słomkowski’s technical musings

Workarounds worth to try:. In older systems, when a device is first plugged in, the EHCI controller is in charge of the port and tests to see if the device is even capable of high-speed, and if it is the EHCI controller uomega control.

Nice… I have had that same problem accessing anything on http: So I get a piece of 5mm Al and do some handwork They are comparable, both provide not only USB storage support but also USB keyboards, mice, printers and other devices.

What DOS USB driver package should be used and how should they be installed and where will these drivers be sitting after the install? It might come in handy one day. They work with EHCI controler. Recent Changes – Search: Back to home page DOS ain’t dead Forum index page.