It still does the same thing.. Jesus, where have you been hiding? The parental controls setting is basic and has some serious limitations. Forum members and moderators are responsible for their own posts. I am totally frustrated with you Askey.!! As i got 4, i actually reset all 4 of them and sync them one by one using the WPS to the main node.

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LifeUp – Smart Living. The AirTieswhich comes in black, looks more business-like and less like a lifestyle product. HardwareZone Askkey Insider on Facebook.

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Instant email verification that brings you to the next step fixed. Download these Apps to try and see it is the same or not. Name your WiFi wif and place them in the different rooms. More importantly, the thing to note here is that advanced settings such as port forwarding, dynamic DNS, private VPNs, wlfi the like are all missing. Check your connection speed. Page 1 of 2.

You can reach out to them here. App Support Privacy Policy.


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Thanks First post in 4 years. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The mesh nodes are being synced together as xskey pair out of factory. You should read our mesh networking guide before you continue reading this review to ensure you’re familiar with the basics.

You can use these ports to connect to a wired client device like a NAS, set-top box, or media streamer. Compatibility Requires iOS 9.

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Since Apps detection is based on active wiffi live broadcast at the point you open the said App. Easily choose your WiFi network’s name and password.

Jesus, where have you been hiding? App asey minimalistic by design and has some useful information and features, however it would be even better if sifi are advanced settings where we can play with. A Samsung Connections Member. Important Forum Advisory Note. So when you are setting up 4, you need to use the app to add additional nodes, or use the WPS button to pair additional nodes.

Had to delete the app and start all over again.


aaskey Forum members and moderators are responsible for their own posts. LAN Connect the router to mesh 1 in the living room. Please refer to our Terms of Service for more information. How does this compare to the AirTies then? Thanks A Samsung Connections Member. Went in and managed to get up to the point where it asked to change your address, then the app crashed!!! Can i know is it good enough that i set all 4 airties with the same SSID and password or they still must “sync” with askej other?

Like most mesh networking systems, the Askey APW is a breeze to set up. The parental controls setting is basic and has some serious limitations.

It just showed me the same thing after I joined the new network. Taipei Main Station Navigator.