I’ve got the Centris connected with Laserwriter 8 installed and printer connected with local talk connectors at both ends. Only other thing you can try is to take the fuser apart and recheck that you have everything in properly. I hate to tell you this, but you probably still have a connector off or loose somewhere. It just allows you to put bigger, more complex files into the memory. Basically, the printer works okay.

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I’d say you had a problem with the formatter board as well, just like the guy who posted before you. Jack, I had a computer with Win 98 that drove the fine.

List of Apple printers – Wikipedia

Apple has produced several lines of printers in its history, but no longer produces or supports these devices today. By the way, can anybody tell what is the laser printer with cheapest toner cartridge?

Is it a correctable problem or, more the point, is it worth fixing on a laserrwiter workhorse printer seldct still delivers killer output? You might try removing any add on memory from it and see if that might not be causing the problem. If you can not see cmoputer test page, I guess there are something wrong with the printer. Amazingly enough, I put Apple into the big box on the main page and this is what I got.


I have to buy remade or refilled now. There is a cross reference in the site co,puter section that shows all the models that use this engine. When you power it up, it will print a config page that tells you what all the switch selector settings do.

And the request for a place to get new rollers is a good one I ordered the fusing lamp kit Thursday evening, it arrived in Monday afternoon’s post, and by Monday evening, my printer was fully operational again. Per this forumn, I disassembled the printer, cleaned the optics and put it back together.

What delect likely be the problem? Apple LaserWriter Select drivers are tiny programs that enable your Laser Printer hardware to communicate with your operating system software.

Apple LaserWriter Select | FixYourOwnPrinter

Just want to know which number is the best bet for a PC? Turn it off and set the selector to 4.

I recently moved across the country and had carefully packed my toner cartridge separate from the printer. Recently bought your printer fade kit- great video of dismantling the printer to clean it- very successful- but now am having repeating problems with paper misfeeds- begins to take page off of top of paper tray- then stops- misfeed light comes on- have to open tray- reinsert top page- it is partly bowed upwards- close tray and open cover to reset light- then works again for 6 pages or so- any advice on rollers to clean and or??


I wonder if it is a software command problem rather than hardware.

The “paper out” light began to flash, and an error message appeared on the screen, “The printer is fixing a temperature malfunction. I checked the manual already, but still confused me. There is plenty of paper in the machine. How did you disable the start test printing?

Thanks, Gary – unknown. It is supposed to automatically go out and display how many pages it has printed. I’ve got the Centris connected with Laserwriter 8 installed and printer connected with local talk connectors at both ends.

The printer is a workhorse, when it works!

Apple LaserWriter Select 360 Standard Laser Printer

Are these things you mention something that a layman can take care of, or is it time to get laserriter printer.

My Laserwriter select works great mechanically but toner coverage is light on one side of each printed page. I love my old Select !

It’s also used in Pitney Bowes fax machines. Anyhow, try enabling the start test printing and see if there is any error happened. I got it from Google but forgot the website.

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Basically, the printer works okay.