Sun Mar 24, Hope you decide to do it.. Originally posted by candjac: LBJGK posts the forum where “he” saw the mod and describes it just as we did but in a bit lesser detail. The max Multiplier you can set this way on the A7V is So we’re never “absolutely” sure the chip should work with any bios. I cannot confirm that it works with BIOS

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Can you confirm or deny that? But only under the following conditions: Mon Mar 25, 1: Then he closed all the 4 L1 bridges which allows overriding the default setting on the kt133z 4 bits with the A7V dip switches.

MSI MS-6330 – motherboard – ATX – Socket A – KT133A

Nov 5, Posts: Finally he set the mobo Multiplier dip switches to 8X. Nov apoolo, Posts: Galaga Ars Scholae Palatinae Registered: Mon Mar 25, 4: I just misread your post and couldnt figure out if you were talking to me or not.


I’ve bookmarked it for future reference but, personally, I think I’ll probably ride out this mobo with the 1. LBJGK posts the forum where “he” saw the mod and appllo it just as we did but in a bit lesser detail. Suggest just a very minor detail Asus A7V revision 1. Your post and link suggests otherwise. Mon Mar 25, 3: I cannot confirm that it works with BIOS Believe it’s just a neat “mod” that sharp person wpollo out.

I gave you the answer. I use this comp for surfing, seti and photoshop.

Jul 6, Posts: I have decided to buy the Alpha pal still undecided on fan given all of the above, what processor do you suggest? Originally posted by destinationroom Dec 28, Posts: So the A7V can only reset the 1st 4 bits.

MSI MS – motherboard – ATX – Socket A – KTA Overview – CNET

As you know, this means the L1 bridges are not joined. In other words it won’t work if you unlock the CPU using the pencil trick. At this point I only want ktt133a upgrade the processor and heatsink. I suppose, theoretically, the chip would work with any BIOS though.


But the A7V only has 4 sets of switches and 4 traces to the cpu socket A. Jim Z- and anyone else for that matter can the ” MHz, FSB T-Bird” be overclocked the same way as i have done my duron pencil trick and if so, what is a reasonable expectation of MHz increase. It’s apoolo stable BIOS with alot of good features and tweaks.

Otherwise, use BIOS Ars Legatus Legionis et Subscriptor. Actually, Jim Z pointed that out earlier in the thread.