With this technology, the fusing unit does not require pre-heating and doesn’t consume power when the machine is in standby mode. Enhanced low-noise design The devices has also been re-designed according to customer requests to reduce the sound made when outputting two-sided documents and the high pitched noise emitted by the tray module, in addition to optimising the paper transport pathway and control, while improving the mechanical parts. Every time someone new joins our office or when a PC is replaced, I have to go through the trouble of looking up setup procedures in the manual. Filenames registered in advance can also be specified, and folders can also be automatically generated based on the date and authenticated user, and finally sorted. When using the DocuWorks format, attribute information such as document names and document properties can be assigned from the MFD.

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In addition, users who are not registered in the server such as a temporary staff can also be permitted use the MFDs. Empowering a higher level of productivity requires a new mindset.

This combination produces clear and sharp pritner and lines with smooth gradations.

ApeosPort-V C3376 Drivers & Downloads

For details, see “With more variation”. You need aepos new kind of simplicity that streamlines department-level workloads, plus the advance capabilities that enable your team to work more cost effectively, more securely, and with greater flexibility.

The back side is up-side-down compared to the front side. You can handle the customer’s requests efficiently, securely, and quickly on the spot. Efficiency is promoted without placing a burden on employees, including the administrator.


ApeosPort-IV C4475 Drivers & Downloads

Punch A hole punch process can be used for filing documents in binders. When outputting A4 documents that include several A3 drawings, the A3 sheets can be Z-folded, the whole bundle stapled and hole-punched to create an A4 file.

Change how you plug in, sign on and connect to your workplace from any location you choose with mobile printing.

OCR technology is utilised to automatically align the orientation of documents, skip blank pages, and save files prnter specifying a pre-registe red filename. The orientation of my scanned images are off by 90 degrees. With More Variation With more variation Variations to types of post-processing such as Z-folding and tri-folding increase by attaching a Finisher.

Our extensive network of representatives can help you choose the right solutions for your business needs. You can print your documents by simply entering your ID and password on an MFD or entering a seven digit print reservation number as a shared user, without the trouble of setting a printer driver or network each time. I got some tips for the following two days ago.

Your administrative work will be greatly reduced by using a server registered with user information for authentication, rather than setting user information in each MFD. As with “Scan Auto”, the scanned images can be automatically aligned correctly, blank pages can be omitted and a filename can be automatically generated, etc.

But, the problem is that we do not know what is the speed or other settings at the sender’s fax machine from overseas.

Fuji Xerox | ApeosPort-V C / C / C

Portable Document Format Download Resource. Saddle Staple This Single Fold and stapling process is ideal for creating catalogues and booklets.

Digitising a large quantity of documents is troublesome… Managing and utilising standard documents invoices, contracts, and orders, etc. Printing is executed only after operations on the MFD’s control panel.


Fuji Xerox | ApeosPort VI

High-speed scanning in large quantities Devices are equipped with a duplex automatic document feeder that can scan both sides of a document at once. High speed recovery from sleep mode with an instant heating IH-Fuser High speed recovery from sleep mode Induction Heating Fusing Technology incorporates a wpeos, non-magnetic metal as the heating layer inside the fuser belt which enables greater energy efficiency.

The image log function enables the job log including the user, usage time, and number printee copies and the image itself to be stored and managed.

Wasteful printing is reduced by deleting or correcting incorrect print jobs from the MFD control panel. The standard tray can handle paper between 52 to gsm. Portable Document Format Download Resource.

NVM Default — Sending out level 8 — G3 Rx cable equalizer for channel 1 1 — Apoes level 1 — Ring detect frequency no of rings 0 time — Speed in transmission 8 bps — Speed in reception 8 bps. Business reports and annual reports can be printed in large quantities and smoothly processed with high-speed printing and finishing.

In addition to printing envelopes, this MFD can satisfy your needs for printing sales promotion materials such as POP and packaging in small lots. These devices achieve 0. Proposing the creation of such systems is a strength of Fuji Xerox.