I hope they figure this issue out. This appears to always happen when it is in sleep mode. I have been having some success with their new beta driver you might want to give that a try. I think it has smthg to do with the ReLive thingy. Possibly this problem is caused by another driver on your system that cannot be identified at this time.

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Join the Radeon Vanguard program Beta Testing. Make sure you have admin rights while doing it. Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for atikmpag.

And could I check that out? Also got a new motherboard yesterday Dell tech replaced it with a refurbished one to resolve another issue but this problem still remains. I have the exact same problem, AMD fix your drivers please.

Tried the beta Catalyst Software suite but am still experiencing the same problems. Its on a fresh install anzeigefehelr windows 10 with a clean install of the crimson drivers.

AMD Adrenalin: Vereinzelt Probleme mit DirectX-9-Klassikern

Log in or sign up in seconds. Sometimes it saves a memory dumpfile, sometimes it doesn’t system will log an unexpected shutdown in the Event Viewer. Ran in to a driver install error and did some quick research on what could be causing it. No new software has been installed so I’m really not sure what’s causing this. Click on the links below to search with Google for updates for these drivers: I’m just trying to help someone who anzeifefehler be having trouble with a driver.


Adrenalin driver error fixed. Windows 10 “N” : Amd

I simply renamed the c: This is not fixed and I have been waiting with no response from AMD other than to ignore the issue. I have the same problem as I’m also running Windows 10 N but I really, really don’t want to install that Windows pack.

This has still not been addressed by AMD and I have not heard 1 item about any attempt to fix this issue. When the computer Shuts down the monitors, after 1hr.

If this is the case you will have to look deeper at the offending thread’s stack e. I don’t think I’ve seen support this bad. It ran for about 2 days without a problem, now bsod’s all over the place. Does anyone know if there is a newer driver beta or otherwise anzeigerehler there?.

Tried the newest crimson driver and the beta with no luck. I have been having some success with their new beta driver you might want to give that a try. Only 10 are included in this report.


Every time I booted my pc it gave me a couple of error messages, installing the feature pack fixed it. I’m a happy camper.

Anzeigefehler in OpenSuSE

Windows 10 “N” self. Name der fehlerhaften Anwendung: Want to add to the discussion? The annoying part about that media pack, is anzeigefenler any time anzeigefheler is a windows update, you have to reinstall a new one once it’s released.

Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. So, it appears all can be ‘fixed’ without installing Microsoft ‘Media Pack’ thing. Not sure how it will survive amd driver updates though, but I am willing to do this rename thing instead of installing media pack.