Greater than 36V peak, to enable good frequency response with larger inductive loops. Also, you’ve probably checked, but the loop is well insulated from earth isn’t it? L mm, W mm, H 44mm. Code of practice for hearing loop systems HLS Also referenced in the UK as BS , this code of practice gives advice on all aspects of the loop provision, from the microphone inputs, the loop itself to the signage and routine testing of the installation. Passionate advocates for technology solutions that improve the lives of those with hearing loss, we design, manufacture and promote loop systems around the world. Greater than 36V peak, to enable good frequency response for larger, inductive loops. Accessories supplied 1 microphone Varies dependent on use 1 Loop Coil, with protecting board if required.

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Blue Room technical forum: Ampetronic ILD9 induction loop amplifier – Blue Room technical forum

The equipment maintains the traditional Ampetronic high quality vocal and music reproduction, while adding new features to improve performance and operational facilities. Ampetronic and The Listening Lab improve accessibility to sound for those who experience hearing loss. Adjustable from 0 to 3dB per octave, using 1KHz as constant gain frequency. Julian’s vision, drive and acumen are instrumental to the success of Ampetronic, both as a company and as developers of world leading assistive listening solutions.

Multi pole low pass filter rapidly attenuates signals above 5. Design of buildings and their approaches to meet the needs of disabled people. The standard can be accessed from your regional standards association or from here. Where metal occurs in adjacent structures, significant losses may occur and the area will be much reduced, with severely affected frequency response.


Also referenced in the UK as BSthis code of practice gives advice on all aspects of the loop provision, from the microphone inputs, the loop itself to the signage and routine testing of the installation.

Ild tried disconnecting the mains transformer secondary, and that works fine – draws no current, correct secondary voltages. Loops can be simple, but also simple to get wrong.

QED Productions | Equipment | Ampetronic ILD9

Front panel indication of compression level. The output will only be connected if the loop resistance is between 0. If you don’t mind connecting your unit up again, try driving a test signal into it whilst the PA is switched on.

Posted 15 June – This coil cannot be used in close proximity to a metal panel. Skin and Language Theme: The ILD Induction Loop Driver has been designed for a wide range of applications such as small churches, small conference rooms, meeting rooms, etc.

This offers monitoring of both loop integrity and the equipment internal condition, allowing the equipment to be used with voice alarm systems. Russell Simpson Technical Director, to present Russell started his career with Ampetronic as a development engineer inafter completing a BEng in Electrical and Ampetronif Engineering Compression range 30dB before overload. Inductino can also be used for large conference rooms and other areas where specialised requirements apply.

W mm, H 44mm, L mm Weight: Ampetronic believe that all installations should meet the requirements of IEC Seeing the need to communicate the spoken word to those in his church community he set to work on developing high quality loop technologies, systems that really made a difference.


The pictures below are the rear panel of the Unduction which shows the connections on the left and right hand sides of the amplifier.

Ampetronic ILD9 Induction Loop Driver Amplifier

For reference on an ILD9 there’s an insert loop on the back – the jack sockets on that can need cleaning, or a patch lead to join them ampetroni fixed my no audio problem: This unit is designed to be driven from other sound systems, but Ampetronic supply range of accesory modules to permit full stand alone operation.

The picture below is the rear panel of the Lopp which shows the connections. Leon founded Ampetronic in and pioneered many new technologies and applications for induction loop systems.

Allows correction of system frequency response when losses occur due to metal in the building. Metering via front panel LED’s in 3 dB increments.

He has over 20 years. We believe strongly that we are responsible for the reputation of loop systems, and will protect this by only selling where we believe the systems are put to appropriate use.

Imduction mounting with the WML-1U bracket set. The Ampetronic ILD9 Induction Loop Driver is designed for a wide range of assistive listening applications where superior vocal and musical reproduction is paramount. The International Electrotechnical Commission IEC produced a standard for the performance of induction loop systems in any assistive listening application.