All parameters must be bound before SQLExecute is called. In case the required information is numeric type, it will be returned to numericAttributePtr. In other words, the ODBC supports independent development of an application for each database product. Always true regardless whether there is diagnosis information created by the second calling of the ODBC function. Metadata Processing The APIs that provide features to define tables and columns and to retrieve database metadata. Invalid Cursor State Note S: SS as the default.

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Otherwise, the ODBC passes through the end of the buffer and saves the data. When the column does not include NULL: That is, a value should be set altibae for each input handle. Therefore, if access to network terminates due to external factors, application can be shut down compulsorily by receiving signal of SIGPIPE.

Pages using Infobox software with unknown parameters Articles to be merged from June All articles to be merged All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from June Articles needing cleanup from October All pages needing cleanup Cleanup tagged articles with a reason field from October Wikipedia pages needing cleanup from October The warning status records applied to the function must be returned before the status records are applied to each row.

The following special syntaxes are defined for cName, sName, tName, and tableType of SQLTables to support the catalogs, schema, and the list of table types: It has been suggested that this article be merged into Altibase.

  3D 9880 5.8064 DRIVER DOWNLOAD

This function shows the most recently stored diagnosis information.


An application returns to Step 3 to execute other statements in the same transaction or goes to step 5 to commit or rollback the transaction.

The data can altihase stored and manipulated in main memory alone, on physical disk alone or a combination of both. If the input pointer indicates the valid statement handle allocated by the previous calling of SQLAllocStmtthe original value will be changed according to the result of this calling. The column names will be returned for each procedure in the following order: Summited statements have the following status: Alhibase application allocates the connection handle for each connection and attempts to connect to a database server.

An application must bind the unique alhibase which contains the ODBC driver information to the last data of the result set.

Sample Codes This appendix shows the entire sample codes used this documents. Depending on the Attribute, the Value wltibase be either a bit unsigned integer or a pointer indicating the Nullterminator string.

If ValuePtr is bit integer, this argument is ignored. In this attribute, the NULL pointer can be set. This buffer is allocated by an application and set by SQLFetch.

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If field value is an integer, it is not used. Other important capabilities include data import and export, data encryption for security, multiple data access command sets, materialized view and temporary tables, and others. The list of foreign keys in other tables does not include foreign keys that point to unique constraints in the specified table. When stmt is not connected or the connection is released 08S01 Communication channel error HY General error HY Invalid string or buffer length The communication link between the driver and the database to which the driver was connected failed before the function completed processing.


The following example shows how to view a statement state transition table for SQLPrepare function: You may check 2 properties as follows in php. Alter The grantee can change the definition of the table.

Tthe parameter marker specified by “? Also, the table lists the definitions of C data type of the ODBC and the data types corresponding to each identifier. Note SQLProcedures may not return all procedures.


Retrieved 7 June The Altibase database will allow POSCO to get real-time data from its blast furnaces while reducing the total cost of ownership by 60 percent. SQLTransact Commits or releases all changes related to the database. However, you can after altibaee it.

Always true regardless whether there is diagnosis information created by the second calling of the ODBC function.