If you open the “Logic” tab and press some buttons, you will see a set of Actions, one with “Shift: Thanks for the replies. I am considering purchasing Studio One instead but the Alphatrack support has got me hesitating. Could we please get a Alphatrack template? I make some videos. Thanks for the info. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Has anybody got this working? Mod Bod Prenoob Joined: Just wondering, how noisy is the fader? Assuming the basic driver is working – and if it isn’t, I don’t know what windowws recommend, as it pretty much just works here with the alphatarck drivers – install Azslow’s plugin and follow instructions to select the Alphatrack plugin and you should be good to go.

Let me expand a bit. I have a touch screen.

Sonar PlatinumStudio One 3. It might have been fine on mine with windows 8 being installed and not 8. Some issues have been down to user stupidness, but I have a couple issues that maybe other Alphatradk users can advise with or Azslow3 might be able to advise. It seems to be trying to send the volume slider down when it is already down. Or what steps did you take within Sonar settings to get it going?


I might get it if the bidding doesn’t get too high! I probably had to do that too but put it wiindows of my head due to trauma!

As a result, I usually have to leave it unplugged or I think I hear a mouse nibbling at regular intervals from the next room It was all working fine, so I am assuming a bloody Windows update has changed something or some other conflict with a plugin. I probably have to put it down to being old hardware with ageing drivers: There is a link to a comprehensive installation guide below.

My name is Ed.

I intend on purchasing Melodyne one way or another. If I do a straight install I get the message ‘Can’t install on this version of Windows’. OK I installed it via the console run as admin I love my alpha track.

Nashville Telecaster, Bass, etc. I don’t think you actually have an AlphTrack so may not be able to comment on that. Post if you have any issues: Might be worth a try.


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If yes, the drivers is already installed. I am wondering if anyone has it working on Win 10? May I ask what driver you are using? The first one went for too much and I was out bided, but I found another in near new condition for less.

Thanks, glad to know it’s possible. I am using the standard driver from Presonus Kingsmix. Had it working in windows 10 before I upgraded my system to windows 10 pro. I’ll be another vote for providing proper support for the Alphatrack — come on guys, it should be pretty easy, right? Haven’t received registration validation E-mail? Johhny, that’s a hot tip. He made it work better than new.