The new driver can be downloaded from We’ll be happy to hear any comments or suggestions you may have. Depending on the distribution, download and install zlib-devel. Alternatively, use the following instructions: Sun Dec 14, You are missing the zlib development package.

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Best regards, Loris Degioanni Posts: Installing pre-compiled binaries Linux Open your package manager and install ‘Aircrack-ng’ package. These tools make the entire process of updating your systems drivers – a breeze, and take all of the hassle and frustration out of the process of finding the proper drivers to install on your befa, and of keeping your computer always updated with betw most current official drivers.

For Linux and other OSesuse p7zip it should be in the repositories of your distribution. ACX, Broadcom or Intel.

Using this interface, the application will receive the traffic from all the installed AirPcap adapters, as if it was coming from a single device. No aidpcap to be fancy, just an overview. The beta version of the AirPcap 2.

Airpcap driver version social advice

The Multi-Channel Aggregator consists of a virtual interface that can be used from Wireshark or any other AirPcap-based application. This directory name will vary based on the exact version that you downloaded.


See this link for the instructions.

Windows The Windows version of the Aircrack-ng suite does not have an install program. If uname returns exactly that string and the current headers are installed, the remove the headers and install ajrpcap again.

Be sure to check that the version offered is up-to-date — you may see problems with older versions, especially if you have a card for which support was added recently, e. Author Write something about yourself. Specify the location prefix when installing. Some of the best tools we found to make the entire process much easier and a lot safer are: You must have the CUDA toolkit and the sdk already installed to be able to build this.

You are missing the OpenSSL development package. Prior to using the software, make sure to install the drivers for your particular wireless card.

Specify the full path for each command. When you use the stable, you need to rename the Makefile. Or worst case, install it from source: Ubuntu and Debian are particularly problematic in this matter.

Making mistakes in this process could result in system crashes, slowdowns and other annoying problems. Here are a few reasons why the download doesn’t work: If not you have to attach it manually.


The link for the zip file can be found on the Wiki home page.

Download Airpcap Driver For Cain And Abel – gameis0

Alternatively, use the following instructions: Add the directories to your PATH. Remember that Windows only supports a limited subset of the commands.

Kernel headers and gcc as well as make have to be installed on your system. Just download and build aiirpcap building the current version instructions. And the AirPcap driver.

I deal with Wi-Fi, play with packets and develop around it every day so all that stuff is fairly easy for me but I realize it is not always obvious. The new driver can be downloaded from We’ll be happy to hear any comments or suggestions you may have.

For OS X, use ‘gmake’ instead of ‘make’.