Buy near the end of Q4 in order to get a deal. Unfortunately I also think your Wifi card is just unsupported by Endless at the moment – we don’t have a system for installing modules that aren’t shipped along with the system. Bring the cost down. The cloud-based controller through HiveManager is its most valuable feature. You probably have a card we don’t support. See our Aerohive Networks vs.

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I would say some of our newer techs that are going out to job sites can be a little bit intimidated by the interface. Integrated Firewall in every AP with DPI inspection is a killer feature and it is included already in the price of licence with others, this feature is an add-on licence.

The OS doesnt recognize my Wireless adapter. You probably have a card we don’t support.

Conflicting information, condescending attitudes, and reluctance to work to resolve an issue. A mobile app would be awesome. See Recommendationsprofessionals have used our research since Here are some excerpts of what they said:. Their firewall configuration gets funky and it can be difficult to understand. This is an implementation stage for Aerohive Wireless. Airmagnst allows us to prepare more real designs. Using the products to ensure the safety of our equipment that we have a lot invested in.


AirMagnet SmartEdge Sensor A5123

Provides a visual tool that we can show our clients that the wireless is either working or not working in an area. Aerohive Networks Read 22 Aerohive Networks reviews. Start small boradcom grow big. There are probably cheaper solutions but we invest for stability and performance for the longer haul. Use our free recommendation engine to learn which Wireless LAN solutions are best for your needs. Need port aggregation on the switches to take full advantage of ac on the APs.

The feature that I like to most is unified management in a multitenant environment, where we can manage all our customers with thousands of devices routers, switches, VPNs, and APs. The auto-placement of access points is not accurate. Foundation for connectivity – distributed control architecture and a portfolio of access points, switches, and routers, delivering:.

One licence makes it easy to maintain, scale, renew and you can plan your costs 10 airmanget in broadcoom.

Air Magnet | wirednot

I understand that is on their product road map. The cloud-based management interface allows us to fully manage all our wireless radios, ensuring consistency and ease of access.

You can choose the basic Aerohive Connect airmagnrt subscription solution and, later, if needed in terms of functionality you can upgrade to Aerohive Select.


Aerohive has a very simple model – one licence for all the functionalities – and you can believe that there are many. The heat mapping, passive network surveying, and doing the heat mapping of a building’s wireless network allows me to see what level of coverage armagnet area has.

Learn more about Aerohive Networks Learn More. I’ve tried thru console to install as I did before in Ubuntu by using wireless-tools, but those commands are not available.

For technical support, you need an annual license, but it is not worth it.

The tool provides users the ability to visualize RF coverage, collect real world performance data, and map interferers. We have had some mediocre to poor experiences with tech support: Printouts are JPEG printouts. Bring the cost down.

I would advise that you be sure to compare apples with apples. Somebody could help me figuring out how to sort this issue out? Read 23 AirMagnet Survey reviews.