ScanWise is your standard fully automatic scanner software for beginners. Every consumer scanner has slightly inconsistent scan quality, though very few these days have defects you can actually see with the naked eye. Both of these scans were done with PhotoGenie enabled; without it, the first one looked a bit darker but didn’t have any more detail, and the second one was a little paler. There’s some drive-chewing caused by the large amount of data in the big scan – a full A4 dpi scan isn’t something that many people are going to need to do more than once in a blue moon – but it doesn’t account for all of the extra time. But PhotoGenie seemed, on the whole, to make the pictures look worse.

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If your User Access Control UAC is started then you will have to confirm the installation of the driver and run the setup with administrative rights. Give Dan some money! As usual for many USB devices, you install the software, then you plug in the gadget.

But various cheapo scanners manage the same job in a fifth of the time. Casual home users aren’t likely to care very much, but it’s amazing how time telescopes while you’re staring at a computer screen.

You get nice white scans this way, and it’s a good way of afag background grain in document scans.

You can turn snaspcan the auto-preview, but there’s not much reason to do so, because ScanWise isn’t clever enough to show you the last preview it made. This results in a little loss of white and black detail, but often also gives you nice rich natural colours, with solid shadows and properly white highlights. This means that if you want to scan something that’s almost entirely black, like the abovementioned coin on the default background, you’re out of luck; PhotoWise will punch up the brightness like a mad thing.


The e40, I’m sorry to say, delivered the kind of washed-out photo scans I’m used to seeing from cheap scanners when you don’t enable their automatic optimisation feature.

Well, that so far as I can determine is a bunch of hooey, thanks to the crummy software. I did a couple of white-scans with the e40 too, to look for irregularities in the e40’s response. It’s commendably sharp, but rather grey.

A post-scan Auto Levels in Photoshop made the e40’s results look perfectly all right. It’s got respectable dpi optical resolution – the resolution of the scan head itself – and outstanding dpi mechanical resolution – the size of the steps in which the scan head can be moved down the scan bed.

This agga link is for the driver version 1.

Agfa SnapScan E40 Flatbed Scanner | eBay

There was a faint yellow-cyan cast, but no stripes or blotches or other outbreaks of character. Easy Driver Pro does not sell or charge for drivers. PhotoWise just can’t deal properly with anything that doesn’t match its opinion of a “normal” document.

Perhaps it’s possible to make the e40 work with FotoLook – sometimes you can copy some strategic snspscan and solve these sorts of problems snapscn but I wasn’t in the mood to shuffle files around randomly. Or Easy Driver Pro registered version If you actually want to do dpi or higher scans of something, you’ll need to click a button and type in the resolution you want. You’re previewing the whole bed. The e40 hardware may well be an absolute performance tuned sports car of the mid-priced scanner world.


It ought to be much closer to three minutes. Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Afgx. If you’re after a straightforward basic scanner, the e40’s OK.

Agfa SnapScan e40

Just as a side note, I’m getting sick of the style of promotional photography in which Hip Young Things are shot from above with a wide-angle lens, so they’ve got big heads and teeny feet. But this isn’t a cheap scanner.

It actually, in the words of Agfa’s puff page for the SnapScan e40″makes it simple for you”, because you’ve “got better things to do than sit around reading a manual all day snapscab.

This simplifies the setup process, gives a decent data transfer rate, and delivers the user from the sluggishness and sanpscan of the old-fashioned parallel port interface. The main e40 driver software is called “ScanWise”. Save on Scanners Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days. The SnapScan e40 is down at the low end of Agfa’s current flatbed scanner range, but that doesn’t, according to Agfa, mean it’s low quality.

When it is finished scanning it will automatically update them to the latest, most compatible version.