Can input this to this notebook? Refer these articles for help: The hdd is Toshiba branded lol.. Hence I have no choice but to totally for the drive and install from scratch. Would like to know where to do warranty claim as my battery is faulty when I received d netbook. Worst of all, the placement of FN key at the leftmost bottom corner is brilliantly stupid.

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How about this 2GB? Refer these articles for help: What is Problem to Webcam? Intro A laptop is a mobile computer which integrates all the basic input and output into a single unit.

This is a good news as previously, netbook mostly comes with DDR2 memory support only. How to buy it. Can this notebook support it? Hi, I have a problem with my net book. And also do DDR2 have 1malayisa 4gb ram because from what I know the highest is only 2gb ram.

Aerogate H S30 Driver Download

Please refrain from asking me how to apply for getting the netbook. A laptop is a mobile computer which integrates all the aerogatw input and output into a single unit.


The battery seems fine though, it works as well as any regular laptop batteries. Holding down the button are even worst. Then netbook is introduced as a light weight, low power and wallet friendly laptop which focuses on web-based activities.

Audio jacks and card reader at the front. Now, the bad thing of this netbook.

Oh wait, it has gloss surface, hmm what does that mean? I already tried the 2GB. Reasons for your score: Hey, thanks for the insights and review on the one malaysia netbook, overall I would say that the comments are pretty unbiased should have seen other technology websites that review thousands of gadgets.

MrJohn Hai How to webcam facebook. Left — Power button, air vent, and Kensington lock slot.

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Switch the HDD with a decent 2. This option requires basic OS understanding.

BTW admin, im totally agree with you regarding this notebook. Thank to the goverment for give laptop 1 malaysia. Sound quality just acceptable. Contact your netbook distributor for warranty.


WTS Aerogate notebook

Yes, it is given out by government via the Netbook 1Malaysia programme. There are particular operating systems known to have problems with Aerogate H S The keyboard some how got problem where its start typing bbbbb without end. Hi, out of curiousity, where can I get one?

But some have no branding on the drive. I have the 1 malaysia netbook and i cant use it. Check the spec of the netbook.

You might not notice this, but the USB port is upside down, check how it differs from your laptop or netbook. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.