Those cards were fast. If anyone actually reads down this far…. Man how expensive is a real hardware solution for an 0,1,10 RAID device. December 4, at 4: June 21, at

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Friends you can try it.

Adaptec is not a company someone really need today. Even if it means we do not use Raid.

Calling it a RAID is a sad joke. Well then it is still Junk in my opinion.

Winvows did fill it out even though I am sure it will get sent to the scrap heap. ClarkConnect Forums by ClearFoundation: Claiming linux support is false advertising. If you need storage solutions for redundancy — hardware or fake RAID — you also need an extra identical controller card that you have tested to be working in the running system.

There is no reason for it in either Windows adapyec Linux since both OSes already have that in them. Even the most expensive ones are slower than almost anything else.


Adaptec 1420SA is JUNK!

I widows found this page before I bought this crap. April 23, at Are they a bit crappy? This was way back in about You have to click on a secondary link to learn that, oops, sorry, only the enterprise SP1 version of SuSE is supported.

August 14, at 2: Thanks for publishing this.

Adaptec – Adaptec Driver: SA and SA bit Windows Driver v Download Detail

But today there are enough other companies that do a better job in. November 6, at 7: Light them up boys!!!

I came here by google too: April 24, at 5: My conclusion after those years is: I have decided to do this in my own style, and I hope to avoid the baseless bitching while still telling people why not to use something. They seem to hire the type of engineers Adaptec used to do. May 11, at February 21, at Adaptec used to mean that you were getting decent hardware. January 8, at 7: Luckily I decided to surf the net and see what the reviews on the card were like.


August 23, at 6: Azr-1420sa is it that companies have gotten so out of control that they can just screw their customers over and nothing seems to slow them down? If the controller fails, all your data is gone until you find a replacement card with the same bios version, hw rev no etc etc. January 26, at 1: Fully function in CentOS 5 Linux version 2. I installed 2 set of server and using SA.