What do I do now? Each ISO file contains a file, aacraid. It worked, as it had done many times in the past. It was supported in general but the driver was not included. So we had to create our own ESXi image with the Adaptec driver. To get flair with your certification level send a picture of your certificate with your Reddit username in the picture to the moderators. I just ran across with the same problem.

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Are there any firmware updates that maybe required? Create a “Extra” sub folder, and extract the. It prompted me like this which was not in the Adaptec documentation: I spent 2 days just to figure this out to get my E to work with ESXi 6. If you make a post and then can’t find it, it might have been snatched away.

Ah I had a quick look and couldn’t see it but on mobile so didn’t look hard! Some time ago, we changed the hardware of our VM server.

No offline deplot means no custom image – right? This page was last modified on 10 Marchat If the controller isn’t showing up on boot, that is a problem.


We thought it shouldn’t be a problem because there was much documentation about custom images: You can also try using a boot cd or a flash drive with a clean copy esx or a Linux distro to test the controller.

So I jump back on putty, and look to see if the drivers were installed with the following: I did ensure that the hardware was compatible with the OS before moving forward, however as you mentioned I should have indicated that I did indeed specifically check for my card on VMWare’s site. The spam filter can get a bit ahead of itself.

I adjusted the above command to reflect the location of the driver on eesxi system like this: The following instructions refer to ESXi 4.

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Blog @ SIB Visions ยป Custom ESXi 6 image for Adaptec RAID controller

What now I wondered?? Create a folder, and put the ESX Customer script, and the 6. Is there something that I am missing, or any troubleshooting someone could suggest? Copied the drivers over using pscp.

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Lets go look in the Adaptec installation guide, which came on the accompanying CD in the Adaptec box.

It worked, as it had done many times in the past. Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail.


You can add a network based software depot instead: The output from this command showed me the Software Depot and the driver zip file had indeed been successfully added. Get-EsxImageProfile You should see a display like this: We tried to create an image 640e5 version 6 We used the free version of ESXi with all its limitations A problem was that the documentation references an “offline software depot”.

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This page has been accessed 56, times. In his spare time he enjoys playing the piano ada;tec training for a good result at the annual Linz marathon relay. Per the above point 4, I did the following: The characters YE and K are affected by this issue. Hello I just want to say a big thank you for posting this. Please message the moderators and we’ll pull it back in.