The cause is believed to be that the device has previously been low-level formatted by another HBA, whose format is incompatible with the Adaptec format. Mirror copies of FAT do not match. Retrieved 11 March The will be compatible only with devices having differential driver interfaces. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Although most devices can be configured to supply terminating power, Adaptec recommends supplying terminating power with their HBA default and disabling the terminating power on all devices.

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Sometimes grounding problems have been known to cause instability on the SCSI bus. It will improve performance if there is a single target on the bus.

Technology companies established in Computer storage companies Companies based in Sunnyvale, California Electronics companies of the United States establishments in California. In October of some newly shipped As and As exhibited these same symptoms while mounting volumes.

Improper termination may cause intermittent and unpredictable problems. Manufacturers recommend terminating the external port of the subsystem box rather than the drive.


Retrieved 11 March Adaptec was a computer storage company and remains a brand for computer storage products. Section 1 briefly describes each of the HBAs. Much like improper termination, a marginal cable could cause erratic operation. Device xx deactivated due to drive failure.

Adaptec Adaptec AHA-154X/AHA-164X/AHA-1535 SCSI Host Adapter

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Adaptec and NetWare v3. NCF on the C: CFG file is provided to help the installer eliminate resource conflicts. While other buses are single-ended, the has differential drivers, making it faster and more stable.

Some manufacturers house drives in a box with a separate power supply. All of the v3. This feature arranges requests for data in an order consistent with adqptec head sweep across the disk, thus maximizing efficiency. If the Adaptec driver is located in any other directory, the utility will prompt you for the full path specification. Section 2 lists the common error messages and gives recommendations for solutions.

Archived from the original on July 12, Retrieved Dec 30, A marginal or bad power supply will cause erratic behavior. Otherwise it must be explicitly loaded.


Adaptec and NetWare v Installation Issues

Adaptec is one of several companies selling kits for converting analog tapes to digital video at affordable prices. These boxes are referred to as external subsystems, each having two external SCSI ports.

Retrieved March 11, The will be compatible only with devices having differential driver interfaces. Companies portal San Francisco Bay Area portal. Some drive manufacturers have firmware upgrades for their drives which will resolve problems with drive deactivation. DSK Table S2. One exception to this is the case adapttec the device is a tape drive. Use mdy dates from May Mirror copies of FAT do not match.