But yes, it’s going to be expensive. Truth is if it wasnt for the monopoly of windows and apple we would all be better served with lynux or BEos which was basically crushed by Windows financial Structure. Other than that, I’ve been very pleased with the card. It’s a dead card from a dead company. I just bought a new PC of course with Vista and will be ordering Sonar 7 p.

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Or is pto simply not possible? Hard to even use for headphone monitoring. User Control Panel Log out. Lil’ D Texas Status: Not a bad deal at all!

I like having the “zero” latency monitoring without taxing the host cpu. It’s a dead card from a dead company But it’s a good dead card. Beware Aark customer service!!!! Their verb sounds like the inside of a submarine.

If the compressor sucks, how can you get a compressor into the signal path if you don’t aqrdvark a mixer? I just went through that exact same question.

Aardvark Direct Pro 24/96 | Cakewalk Forums

Aardvark Direct Pro questions. I hope it all goes smoothly.

I was using the SB Live! Unfortunately my playing dirrct is an issue NO soundcard can address. They seem solid now. How is the compressor in the effects unit of the Aardvark? Where are you heading with the new plan?


However, the verb works just fine for monitoring while recording. Load Win XP and continue to use card?

Aardvark Direct Pro questions – Home Recording forums

I actually got the drivers to load and the PCI card has been recognized, but the sound card SW will not play. As a rule, I try to avoid using much compression, but it IS a good tool to have and when I need it I use plug-ins dircet are many to choose form I record without any compression – although I know many folks who have outboard comps and add it to the initial track.

After two years I am still impressed with how solid a piece of equipment the aark is. I love my Direct Pro My question: I also find myself recording without any effects or compression and adding this later. If you want to get direvt value from what you already have, then loading XP on a new computer makes sense Pmac ToneZone Information spreads at the speed of light, while ignorance is instantaneous at all points in the known universe – Dmitry Orlov 3.

However, I’m guessing are both fine units and we’ll each be happy with our decision. I don’t know if the onboard effects even work with the most current drivers??? Yes, two monitors would be the way to go.

  34555 NUT DRIVER

Aardvark Direct Pro 24/96

The new drivers solved my latency and media playback problems. I have one of those cards as well and I was shocked when aardvark closed their doors However I never liked the out put of the card sound wise but it was a freebie from Aardvark after three failed attempts with their TDIF card.

I’ll keep my ears peeled to learn more obout the Omni. On the other hand XP vs Vista please give me 5 more years with that change In alot of cases XP still isnt right but it beats the heck outta what it once was.

I choose to process everything after a good clean track is accomplished. Thanks in advance, I want to make the smartest decision for sound, performance and price. I hope I can get around to it in the next few days.