Please follow the following steps to enable the appropriate permissions for the Aardvark adapter. For example, if the SPI slave is receiving many unserviced messages messages left pending in the operating systems buffer , a subsequent call to change the bitrate of I 2 C could fail in the following manner. For releases prior to Ra, you can use it on all three platforms, including the Mac. This function returns the number of devices found, regardless of the array size. Opening your Aardvark unit will void any hardware warranty. The user of this API can manually assemble the first data byte if the hardware address programming feature with general call is required.

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Eligible Software aaardvark firmware upgrades are always freely available in the Downloads section of this website. Otherwise there will be a memory access violation in the program. As such, this actual bitrate set will be less than or equal to the requested bitrate.

The IDs are the unsigned integer representation of the digit serial numbers. Both parameters have two states which results in four possible combinations. The flipside is that there 12c/sli no acknowledgment, no flow control, and the master may not even be aware of the slave’s presence. Note that if the write phase of the operation completes with a non-zero status code, the Aardvark adapter will not physically execute the read phase of the operation.

Upgrading the legacy firmware will cause the 12c/sp unit to automatically switch to using the new communications driver interface.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Free the Aardvark I 2 C subsystem from a held bus condition e.


The reception of bytes by the Aardvark adapter, when 21c/spi is configured as an SPI slave, is asynchronous with respect to the PC host software. For example, if the firmware version is not filled, then the device could not be queried for its version number. Installation of the latest available update is recommended. Here, the arbitration was lost during the slave addressing phase — results can be unpredictable.

This is the preferred way to support access qardvark the Aardvark adapter such that the device is accessible by all of the users on the system upon device plug-in. The current state of the target power pins on the Aardvark adapter will be returned. There is also a finite time required to set up a byte transmission. Slave devices have a predefined address, but the lower bits of the address can be assigned to allow for multiples of the same devices on the bus.

The buffer size is adequate since the overall limitation for asynchronous messages is fundamentally determined by the operating systems internal buffer size. The Aardvark adapter is completely field-upgradable via USB.

If more bytes are requested aardvatk a transaction, the response string will be wrapped as many times as necessary to complete the transaction. Slave Select — control line that allows slaves to be turned on and off via hardware control. The Aardvark will always receive the same number of bytes that it sends out barring any error.

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After the driver has been installed, plugging in an Aardvark adapter for the 12c/psi time will cause the adapter to be installed and associated with the correct driver. Call the appropriate service function once for each type of data that is available.


The following steps describe the feedback the user should receive from Windows after an Aardvark adapter is plugged into a system for the first time:. That byte was dropped.

Host Adapters – SPI – Total Phase

The DLL is not of a sufficient version for interoperability with the firmware version or vice versa. This function will return the number of milliseconds that were actually slept. If the slave has fewer bytes to transmit than the number requested by the master, the slave will simply stop transmitting and the master will receive 0xff for each remaining byte in the transmission.

Repeat steps 3 and 4 until the polling function reports that there is no data available.

Aardvark I2C/SPI Host Adapter

The Aardvark adapter failed to receive acknowledgment for the requested slave address during a master operation. You must also download the USB device driver from the vendor. For example, if the SPI slave is receiving many unserviced messages messages left pending in the operating systems buffera subsequent call to change the bitrate of I 2 C could fail in the following manner.

In this case the Aardvark will read one more data byte beyond the number specified by the length field. Total Phase provides language bindings that can be integrated into any custom application.