Whether this annoys also depends on your preferences. Because of the opening mechanism, whereas the display folds open down and to the back, the back side has to be free of ports. So, the noise level is alright Headphones, Microphone, Card Reader: The brightness isn’t very high too.

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However, the panel is not really fit for outdoor usagebecause its surface is glossy. The same is true for the pictures of these parts. Whether this annoys also depends on your preferences. However, this laptop is not fit for current gamesthough some older games with less 3D-demands might run smoothly. Temperature The measured surface temperatures were at the top and at the bottom side very low. 2a00, the case looks nice and 1f scores points regarding stability.

Though apparently all surfaces are made of plastics, the case is flexural rigid. The parts about case and workmanship and input devices are, therefore, the same.

The output of the 3. Though it is clearly audibleits noise is not really annoying. The typing noise is also alrightthere are no annoying or odd noises.


Toshiba Satellite A200 (PSAF6A-07G01N)

Standard interfaces are provided, but, the order is not necessarily ideal. The input deviceskeyboard and touch pad, are user-friendly. Many thanks to the company MediaMarkt Welswhich kindly provided us with the reviewed notebook.

Because the pad is a little lower 1fk the case, you can easily hit your fingers at its edges. The capacity of the Especially 2 GB primary memory contribute to good office performance.

Depending on the use, this might lead to disturbing cable spaghetti. Nonetheless, it has a appealing case, which looks good on every desk.

Satellite AST Support | Toshiba

The display of Satellite AO6 is moderately, that is below-average, bright. At the right front part it provides scrolling regions, but, they are not marked in any way.

The maximum temperature at the bottom side was only It can attract all those who do not want to spend too much money. The current design by A200 looks good.

However, they do not only contribute to the appearance of the Satellite A, also the user-friendliness profits by a beveled front edge next to the 1fu rest areas and the touch pad. We show the least amount of ads whenever possible. Please, switch off ad blockers. The Toshiba Satellite AO6 is an office notebookwhich also has some reserve capacities for multimedia applications.


The key feedback can x200 characterized by an early point of pressure and a hard stop.

Loudness The fan of the Toshiba Satellite AO6 runs all the timeeven 1rj idle mode or when running office applications. We especially liked the used shapes.

Please share our article, every link counts! So, the mobility of this notebook is rather limited.

So, the AO6 is optimized for office applicationsbut, it still has some reserve capacities for multimedia and video applications. Because of the opening mechanism, whereas the display folds open down and to the back, the back side has to be free of ports.