So I think it might have been dying. Now that would be really interesting if you could. Only 1 week old, its been RMA’d now, but was concerned about compatability. Feb 10, at 7: So I suspect compatability. I think this mobo will be my next buy along with a !

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It’s usually what gave them a bad reception, ASRock has deteriorated from that path since many years ago and as such is viewed much more favorably nowadays.

Last edited by jordi on Have you put your temps into the Core2 temp survey. Saturday, February 10, 6: OS support The board supports almost all Windows versions that exist! This site hosts no abandonware.

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The AGP works with any 1. I’ve contacted Hitachi about updates and after some emails, they gave me a cd image to boot from but when i ran the program it said no firmware update is needed.

This allows greater overclocks than 3. They only mentioned “PCI-Express”.


No didn’t install the drivers, but not using raid so I don’t need to right?? I’ve got the Antec P case, and i’ve mounted that WD in the lower segment, so the HD should be isolated from everything. This will correct the clock issue and still maintain smooth audio and video output. Now that would be really interesting if you could.


Never had any reliability problems with any of them with or xp, nor with an older asrock a7s8x athlon board I ran for years as my main pc. Do some scans using the manufacturer’s tools, try running a full SMART report on it, see what happens.

The only thing i know of is Hitachi’s Features Tool program where you can change the interface. It officially supports Windows 98, and I had no problem running Windows 10 bit on it! I tried installing the RAID drivers too at the begining of setup and that didn’t help either. The only way I could do this was to use the “nodmraid” kernel option when I booted to do the.

Or just remove all the list and leave 0x only – unless you have more than one SATA controller. That’s tomorrow adgenda if i can find one. Indexing turned off, and no V checkers doing anything. I can only get the FSB from the standard to ! I got it working. One thing you should note that the mobo has a PCI -Express x16 slot but it operates at x4. I’m not gong to mention the HDD as it’ll encourage the usual, yeah they’re crap buy xx instead, which I’m not really interested in, I think that the drive is fine, just not with this board.


It safa auto detected my DDR correctly, and now that I have removed that drive all is perfect, which points more clearly at the drive. I guess I could try legacy mode in the bios, but I was hoping there is another way around to load linux with the raid?

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My goal is to finally get them RAIDed. Well other than the novelty of both an agp and pci-e slot.

It won’t work well with linux. But the VIA chipset lets it’s down big time with available configurations. It overclocks much better with Mhz FSB cpus. The only problem i have is i can’t boot from the T7K with the Asrock board. I have finally given up.