The baseline values for hour , minute , month , day and year are, respectively, 12 AM , 00 , 1M , 1D and Y. How can the blind and visually impaired set the time and date in the WSM? Yes, audio files from this recorder can be burned to audio and data CDs. After installing the Plus software, the music-editing plug-in can be purchased by clicking on a link on the software’s welcome page. If the recorder lasts longer than five minutes, the recorder will save the audio content at five-minute intervals.

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What software is needed to manage my recordings on a computer?

How is playback volume controlled? A lower-quality recording makes a less-detailed data file, so the memory goes a lot farther. The markings on the back of the SD card are: The card works in my Treo, but no luck in the slot. USB flash memory driveit can be used to transfer files from one computer to another.

m – How to get the SD slot to work | NotebookReview

xard This is how the recorder is able to vary the potential recording time and use the built-in flash memory more efficiently. With the recorder stopped, slide the USB connector out of the recorder using the lever on the left side of the device.


EQ allows the user to select several audio environments that create variations in the emphasis of different frequency ranges. Results 1 to 4 of 4. Connect the recorder to the computer.

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What are index marks? To purchase the batteries, click here.

I thought as long as it complied with the SD standard there wouldn’t be any issues Connect to PC to delete the necessary files. It is not recommended. The different recording cadd save the digital recording with different levels of faithfulness to the original sound. If it would be quicker to count backward to the day value, press [ – ] Down to arrive at the correct day value.

This is on 8. The two computers do not need to be running the same operating system, but they do need to support the USB Mass Storage Device Class protocol. It is crucial to change the battery once the battery indicator shows only one hash mark of power remaining.

If users correct their 70m files, they can learn to enunciate words so that the software can better understand their speech patterns, thereby increasing the accuracy of the text-file conversion.


Now the card won’t mount at all The baseline value for hour is 12 AM. This recorder can change the playback speed while it is playing a file. Wait for the icon to disappear from the desktop before disconnecting the USB cable.

Thanks for the attempt The Fast Playback settings are: This may take a few moments. Formatting using a computer may corrupt system files needed to run the recorder, so computer formatting is not recommended. The earphone jack permits playback through earphones. My Computer for Windows-based systems, Finder for Mac systems.

700m – How to get the SD slot to work

What are the main features of this model? How much recording time is available in the WSM? The USB connector is built-in, so it can connect to most computers without a separate cable.