I recently received a machine equipped with the AMD north bridge and VIA B south bridge with an Audigy installed that had no issues, but compatibility problems were a big deal back in or so. I think Grabbag turned out especially well. I used the v beta version this time. The chip does tend to make a click when the volume goes to zero, I edited around most of those. All I’ve found so far viewtopic. In reality, it usually worked fine. Discussion about old sound cards, MIDI devices and sound related accessories.

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This board already has onboard sound with an SBPro legacy mode. Here’s how to get it going: I went to georgebreese. See above for setup instructions.

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It will reprogram the PCI registers for better compatibility. Not too much of an issue in general use though.

This site hosts no abandonware. Enable audoo these and set them up how you like. Seems they discontinued this nifty feature in their newer products. They are said to have useable DOS emulation, but it doesn’t work with games that refuse to run in protected mode. Or better, or worse, or? My system now loaded Descent 3 but not without a little weirdness when I had to swap CDs. There is no material that is knowingly illegal here. Some links for the people who end up here by searching, http: Discussion about old sound cards, MIDI audko and sound related accessories.


Live is going to be better without a doubt.

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So bizarre, go figure. I think Grabbag turned out especially well. Users browsing this forum: If you akdio games that use those features, that would be a selling point for the SB Live imho.

Didn’t experience data corruption in any of my 3 hard drives either. I never messed around with the onboard audio because the board has an ISA slot.

PCI is touchy, especially with Win9x. Beeglem and 9 guests.

These alien bastards are gonna pay for shoving their fetishes in my game. This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA.

Board index All times are UTC. It’s not just VIA and not just Live. I can’t recall if my 4-in-1 drivers are the latest, so I’ll check that next. All I’ve found so far viewtopic. Discussion about old PC hardware.

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CT for the first time. In reality, it usually worked fine. Is the SBLive pointless then? Last edited by xjas on