My big disappointment is that it still works. But there are some problems: Hey Man I am building a Hackintosh please let me know if this parts are all fully compatible for Mojave, I am very new to hackintosh. I am going to hold on to my R9 X and put it back in my windows system. I just installed my new 2nd X2 hoping the CF will work here!!

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I think it has something to do with the codec other videos from hero haackintosh iphone edit without issues. Can you give me advice.

That is more what I expected to see. If I connect the motherboard vga, the logon screen appears. I was able to enable an RX with Sierra I have tried the newest Lilu and WhateverGreen kexts too…its crazy because I know the card can work because some have made it do so… I am running i7 cpu Asus AA motherboard 32 gb RAM I do a ton of video editing MSi R9 X 8gb card well, right now I hackuntosh my stupid 2gb Nvidia card in the system Anyway, any suggestions would be appreciate!


Reinstalled all parts and OS X Sierra. I tried this with a Vega Frontier Edition. I cannot get dual monitors working. Thanks for your article which totally work for me!

Any one found a solution yet? You my friend are a life saver!!!! I installed the emuvariable driver per the instructions higher up on this page in ahckintosh 2. I have been trying to get mine to work for a few months now, reading every forum known to man and trying everything.

Cindori Custom: Building an i7 Hackintosh | Page 12 | MacRumors Forums

I would like to buy gigabyte rx 4GB but my country store is empty this card. Sierra I installed everything by your guide! I am going to hold on to my R9 X and put it back in my windows system. I got the Gigabyte Rx 4GB since others reported success with it.

The Right Graphics Cards For Your Hackintosh

In every VRAM the same data must be stored for crossfire! I have the same device ID and no luck yet. I have to see if its fully hackintos or not… But so happy to have a nice screen resolution. I have the same motherboard. Register a new account.


If anyone has any 48770 I am open to suggestions. I upgraded to High Sierra yesterday without any major issues, but I noticed that both Geekbench and Cinebench now identify my RX as a RX and it produces much lower benchmarks on both tests than when I was on Sierra.

Cindori Custom: Building an i7 Hackintosh

It is all about the software. I have done everything ypur guide says.

I still the the Apple Logo, but the boot process does not continue. I think that is a better approach, since AMD will be better optimized for my work flow too.

I am running on Can you share exact bios settings and config. The QE is working now for X When it arrives ill benchmark for you okay? This way I can see an apple logo and the loading bar. Any fix for this?